From January 20th to February 16th It's the SALES !!!

Come enjoy many discounts at crazy prices!


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24 Degree -35%

Surrati has developed and mastered the art of creating refined and oriented scents mixed with rare and luxurious materials.

$23 $35
Absolute musk -30%

Discover the Absolute, oriental and floral fragrance, both pure and provocative.

$5 $7
Agarwood Assam -25%

Unusual and exotic, this real souvage oud wood from the mountains of Assam and after the tree Aquillaria agalocha

$37 $50
Agarwood cambodi Triple Super -15%

This agarwood is a proud addition to our existing collection.

$70 $83
Agarwood Cambodi Underwater -15%

This very special agarwood is of rare quality.

$126 $149
Bois de Oud Indonesie -25%

An incense from Indonesia this archipelago of islands which is full of jungles and which has a large variety of different agarwoods.

$12 $17
Al madinah musk -25%

Al Madinah  is a delicate and sweet musk.

$6 $8
Musc al wazir -20%

This oil of perfume is made according to Indian traditional methods, it is composed of the best oils of flowers

$6 $7
Amber Body Cream -20%

Amber Cream, with oriental scents.

$5 $7
Amber -20%

This Amber is a light oil, earthy and fruity ... His dress is long and refined fragrance is very popular in the East.

$11 $13
Carré d'Ambre Rose -20%

This amber rose solid square diffuses a rich and floral odor. 

$11 $13
Ambery shamama -25%

Ambery Shamama, a beautiful and rich earthy smell of natural and which is prepared by the process of distillation of saffron ...

$7 $9
Showing 1 - 12 of 130 items