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Coffret Bakhoor

This box has been specially designed to enhance your interiors.

36,00 €
Coffret Oriental Beauty

An oriental beauty gift box for women.

22,00 €
Coffret Oud and Musk

A gift box in reference to the store Oud and Musk.

50,00 €
Thiouraye gift pack Out
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Discover the thiouraye through this complete pack ideal to offer or make you happy.

42,00 €
Luban Gift Pack

An ideal luban pack for all those who love the natural and the incense.

35,00 €
Oud gift pack

An oriental pack at Oud that will delight you with its choice products and quality.

36,00 €
Packs de 10 senteurs florales

This pack consists of 10 with floral aromas, beautifully presented in a gift bag ...

57,00 €
Pack de 10 senteurs fruitées

This pack of  fruity scents is in a gift bag

54,50 €
Pack de 10 senteurs boisées

This Pack of  woody scents is presented in a lovely gift bag

65,00 €
Pack 5 senteurs Musc

This pack with 5 scents of the most popular musk! In a gift bag.

27,00 €
Pack 5 senteurs oud

Pack of agarwood fragrances composed with agarwood oils and fragrances around agarwood in a gift bag ...

57,00 €
Product image Perfume Box Dar al Hub

Dar al Hub is a sublime and exclusive oriental fragrance. 

49,95 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items