Aromatic oils 

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Green Musc Khas

A musk with an unrivaled scent and very pleasant to wear.

Oud malaki musk

Orient musk malaki oud contains dark and seductive spices, leather and dark wood.

Imitation women oriental oil of perfume

An oriental fragrance oil that will leave your skin wonderfully scented, giving you a good helping of energy and confidence at all times of the day.

Sultan musk

Sultan is a traditional blend of arabian perfume oils.

Shamama super

Shamama super is prepared by mixing various herbs and essential oils. It has an exotic perfume, it is manufactured by a conventional manufacturing process of distillation / aqueous vapor.

Product image Aoud Mix

An assembly of 17 raw materials to redraw the agarwood, combined with rose and incense.

Al Oudi
Touch me

This perfume oil is a set of aromatic bouquet ...

Zaffran perfume oil

Zaffran (saffron) perfume oil consists of red stigmas which have been cut and separated from the form prior to drying, Iranian saffron is the purest cultivated filaments.

Suprème Bouquet

An oil of perfume inspired by the vast countries of the Orient. A masterpiece that will leave no one indifferent to its exquisite scent!

Ruh Gulab

Ruh Gulab is cultivated in Uttar Pradesh, it is a pale yellow flower and transparent.

Habibi - Perfume Oil

Who said that a feeling could not be translated by a fragrance? Certainly not yourOud and Musk shop, anyway! Because our Habibi perfume oil is proof that love has a smell.

Musc Onix
Musc al Qurashi

In the line of oriental perfume oils, here is the musc al qurashi! Very appreciated by its softness and its lightness

Musc Creed oriental perfume oil

An oriental perfume oil that gives the spirit of conquest and freedom.

Oud Satin
Amber Oud Gold

A very pleasant composition that will please many people because these two materials are very popular. An explosive and intense mix as well.

Showing 73 - 108 of 188 items