Woody bouquet 

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Product image Musc oudh abyat Other
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Words can not describe what this perfume master in this oil, it will bring you not only the joy of wear, but also to those who are in your presence.

Opulent Leather

One of the best woody perfume oil with around this warm and mysterious note, a scent of old leather, but above all very representative of the scents of the Orient and of spices

Opulent Oud

Beautiful fragrance oil with scents of the Orient.

Oud malaki musk

Orient musk malaki oud contains dark and seductive spices, leather and dark wood.

Product image Oud royal

The exoticism of the Orient with its warm, spicy and woody notes thanks to the rose, the oud and the amber.

Product image Oud Supreme

Oud Supreme is a fascinating blend of precious spices, smoky agarwood, creating a volatile and robust fragrance.

Product image Oud Tobacco

A journey through the oriental countries for this magnificent unique perfume oil created from the precious resin of agarwood in addition to ash aromas of tobacco.

Royal Velvet - Ajmal

A fragrance oil that combines East and West in a fresh and energetic fragrance, with contemporary tastes.


Magnificent oriental fragrance oil, flowers in the main accords with its spicy herbal notes.

Sultan musk

Sultan is a traditional blend of arabian perfume oils.

Sultan Oud Out
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This perfume oil develops a lively atmosphere conveyed by woody notes.

Suprème Bouquet

An oil of perfume inspired by the vast countries of the Orient. A masterpiece that will leave no one indifferent to its exquisite scent!

Showing 25 - 36 of 39 items