Oud Oil Boya grade AA


Oud Boya is intense, profound, powerful, a high quality of Agarwood oil.

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Oud Boya Grade AA

What if you take Oud Boya Grade AA oil to the next level? This oud oil,
of undeniable quality, has an unparalleled fragrance! Its rarity and quality make it a
exceptional product! Making your scent imprint unique and irresistible.

What is Oud Boya Grade AA ?

Agarwood, also known as agarwood, or Aloeswood. He comes from
of trees of the genus Aquilaria. When these are injured, they produce a mechanism

This mechanism causes the wood to blacken, thus creating oud wood. This resinous wood
and dark, has the intense, deep scent we love so much about agarwood.

In India, Oud Boya Grade AA oil is produced. To put it simply, the wood the most
precious of the world is distilled, in order to obtain a powerful fragrance oil. But what does
the quality of this scented oil is its AA grade. Indeed, it is aged for 5
years, allowing this elixir to exhale all its aromas.

The exceptional scent of Oud Boya Grade AA

It is well known that oud wood has been turning heads for millennia. So well that his
cost can sometimes be higher than that of gold.

Far from the quick and sloppy techniques of certain extractions, Oud Boya oil
Grade AA, on the other hand, is extracted in the best possible way. In order to preserve the quality of
its aroma.

This is what justifies its price. In addition, its texture is creamy and non-greasy. And his
smoky, woody and suave scent, is surely the best you will ever smell!

If you decide to switch to the impeccable quality of oud oils. Be aware that this product
is also available in a 1 ml sample. In order to test the best way to

If you like prestigious fragrance oils, we also recommend Oil
of Oud Assam grade AA and Oud Cambodia oil grade A.

How to apply oud oil?

In order not to waste your precious oil, we recommend that you apply it with
parsimony. On the back of the ears, on the back of the neck, and on the inside of the wrists.

Capacity: 3 ml


Le boya est très rare à trouver et en plus une qualité comme celle ci, vraiment merci pour vos magnifique oud

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Oud Oil Boya grade AA

Oud Oil Boya grade AA

Oud Boya is intense, profound, powerful, a high quality of Agarwood oil.

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    Produit avec odeur très marquée tout en subtilité

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