Musk Mood


A perfume that is a real treat made by the perfumery house Lattafa.

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Musk mood

A perfume reflects the personality of the wearer. This is why it should be chosen with
care. True assets of seduction, oriental perfumes have a strong character. Their
scents are both elegant and mysterious.

In the Lattafa perfume house, Oud and Musk has selected for you the famous
oriental perfume Musk Mood. To discover without moderation!

Musk Mood, an aroma of luxury and style

What could be more pleasant than a compliment on your perfume? With this oriental scent,
you will wreak havoc. The Musk Mood fragrance is an exclusive made from
of the highest quality ingredients.

The top notes are composed of citrus and fruity notes. This perfume aims for excellence
and advocates delicacy.

The heart notes are a generous blend of floral scents with hints of vanilla and white musk.

The base notes are refreshingly scent. Musk compounds
white and sandalwood. The woody effect of sandalwood enriches the scent.

Olfactory Notes:

Top notes: Fruity and citrus notes
Heart Notes: Vanilla, White Musk, Flowers
Base Notes: White Musk, Sandalwood

How do I use my Musk Mood perfume?

The scent is like a second skin. It sublimates to perfection and adds a touch
final to your preparation.

Apply the oriental scent to your pulse points. These are the areas that give off the
more warmth: the neck, behind the ears and the wrists. Thanks to this heat, the smell
broadcasts throughout the day.

However, do not apply your perfume to areas where you are sweating excessively,
such as the armpits.

Spray from the correct distance, about 8 inches from your skin.

Capacity: 100ml
Brand: Lattafa

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Musk Mood

Musk Mood

A perfume that is a real treat made by the perfumery house Lattafa.

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    Un beau parfum, délicat, un parfum élégant.

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