Oud Orchid


Oud Orchid is a woody, oriental and warm perfume.

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Oud Orchid

Oud Orchid is a woody, oriental and warm oriental fragrance from the brand Suroori Perfume. A perfume for her and him, designed to arouse a hidden power of seduction. A perfume contemporary and modern, for everyday life.

Suroori Perfume has selected the best for its customers to guarantee their loyalty. For
a healthier and happier life, adopt Oud Orchid from Suroori Perfume!

Oud orchid: an irresistible and crunchy fragrance

The Oud Orchid fragrance is irresistibly attractive and fascinating. It will permeate the whole atmosphere with a good smell. Take advantage of this oriental scent to announce your arrival, wherever you go.

Contained in an elegant 100 mL bottle, the scent escapes thanks to its powerful spray. Thus, this oriental fragrance will take you to the world of the East.

Oud Orchid begins with a gourmet treat, composed of exquisite dark chocolate, mixed with orchid and vanilla. Which will bring you a reassuring and pleasant feeling.

The heart notes are a beautiful explosion of patchouli, ylang-ylang, white musk and lemon.

The base notes are smoky and intoxicating. This promises to make you travel to the Orient from the first vaporization!

A mixed body fragrance, which will envelop the man and woman who wears it with allure

Olfactory Notes:
Top notes: dark chocolate, orchid, vanilla
Heart notes: patchouli, ylang-ylang, white musk, lemon
Base notes: smoky notes

Usage tips

This oriental perfume has unique Arabic aromas, which promise a scent
durable and indescribable elegance.

Oud Orchid is applied with the greatest subtlety. Gently place the perfume on the
pulse points: back of neck, back of ears, wrists.

Capacity: 100 ml
Brand: Suroori Perfume

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Oud Orchid

Oud Orchid

Oud Orchid is a woody, oriental and warm perfume.

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