Khashab al Oud


Khashab al Oud is a perfume made from oud as the name suggests.

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Khashab Al Oud by Afnan

Khashab al Oud, as the name suggests (agarwood), is a perfume made from oud. This highly prized material is becoming increasingly rare. Often used as a base note, the character of oud wood gives an oriental fragrance, warm and powerful. Let yourself be seduced by this mixed fragrance, typically oriental, with the scent of oud.

The delicious mix of oud, spices and sugar

Khashab Al Oud from the Emiratie Afnan brand, is encapsulated in a refined bottle. The gold-embellished stopper dresses the flask with a neat look. Its oriental scent is suitable for daily use, throughout the seasons. So enjoy its woody, spicy, musky and oud-based notes, all year round!

The top notes are woody and sweet, with a touch of incense that accentuates the woody side. The heart is lifted by spices, and softened by fresh notes. To which are added woody notes, reinforcing the top notes.

The base note is oriental and light. Powdery notes lighten the power and character of oud and musk. These bring warmth and creaminess to the scent.
Khashab Al Oud will correspond to men and women looking for an oriental perfume, based on oud. With musky, woody, fresh and delicious notes.

Olfactory Notes:
Top notes: Incense, sweet, woody.
Heart Notes: Spicy, woody, fresh.
Base notes: Agarwood (oud), musk (musk), powdery.

Be careful not to confuse with Khashab Al Oud from the brand Ard zaafaran. This contains pieces of oud wood, in its transparent bottle. Its scent and composition are slightly different from that of the Afnan brand.

Usage tips :

Apply your perfume to your wrists, the back of your ears and the back of your neck. These parts of the body are the areas that best retain the fragrance of the perfume.

Before use, we recommend that you try the perfume on the crease of your elbow. In order to prevent a possible allergy. At the slightest reaction, we advise you to stop using it.

Capacity: 50ml
Brand: Afnan

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Khashab al Oud

Khashab al Oud

Khashab al Oud is a perfume made from oud as the name suggests.

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