This oriental perfume is very pleasant.

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The Lattafa brand offers us a novelty in its Luxury collection. An oriental woman's perfume which should seduce you as much by its originality as by its assurance!

Marya, the oriental fragrance that looks like you

Marya is an oriental perfume. One of the highest concentrations that exists. Its quality and refined scents are very pleasant!
You will appreciate the artemisia in top note, with its aromatic scent. As well as the perfect
mix pineapple and basil.

The heart notes are very rich. The aromas of pine, sweet honey, iris and bergamot are lifted by the camphoric scent of incense.

As for the base notes, they are complex but very precisely measured. Sandalwood, tobacco and musk add character. Amber is a warm scent that joins the scent of tobacco. Finally, the tonka bean whose fragrance is very complex, but so reassuring at the same time.

Olfactory Notes:
Top notes: Artemisia, pineapple, basil
Heart notes: Pine, honey, iris, bergamot, incense
Base notes: Sandalwood, tonka bean, amber, musk, tobacco

How to use the oriental perfume Marya?

Simply by spraying a few touches of the Arabic Marya fragrance on your skin. It is an eau de parfum that has a very good hold and evaporates slowly.
Our tip: to make the fragrance hold for longer, it is advisable to hydrate the skin.

However, if you are outdoors or cannot, use a moisturizing lipstick! Put some on your neck and on your wrists, then drop a few touches of your oriental perfume!

The Oud and Musk selection

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 Brand: Lattafa
 Capacity: 50ml

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This oriental perfume is very pleasant.

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