It is an opulent and suave oriental perfume for women.

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Faouz means "success, victory". Well-named, this musk-based fragrance exudes glory and triumph. Combining fresh, woody and floral notes, it is intended for victorious women. It accentuates their self-confidence and their elegance.

This oriental fragrance for women comes from the Lattafa Perfumes brand. Offering refined olfactory products, based on quality oud and musks.

Affirm the triumphant woman that you are!

Whether you are a businesswoman, a housewife, a mother, or a wife, you are a woman of success. Every day you accomplish great things, despite the difficulties you may encounter. And for that, you deserve a perfume at your height.

Faouz is a perfume that perfectly represents the strong and victorious woman, while preserving her femininity and softness.

This oriental feminine scent has very fruity top notes. Peach and blackcurrant bring freshness and pep to the fragrance. They are combined with pear and apricot which add sweetness and sweetness. The heart is woody with guaiac wood and flowery with delicate jasmine. A touch of vanilla comforts and sweetens the heart, while pairing perfectly with the oriental background. The typically oriental base notes are composed of the famous musk and oud. Everything is linked with cedar wood which accentuates the woody side of this perfume.

Faouz's fruity explosion is deliciously harmonized by its flowery side. Highlighting the reassuring softness of the woman. Its association with the mystical oud and the timeless musk makes it a chic and character oriental fragrance. Faouz is an opulent and suave oriental fragrance for women. It will be perfect for all. And will highlight their greatness and importance in society.

Olfactory Notes:

Top notes: Peach, apricot, pear and blackcurrant.
Middle notes: Jasmine, guaiac wood and vanilla.
Base notes: Sandalwood (oud), cedarwood and musk.

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Usage tips

Spray Faouz on the back of your ears, back of your neck, in the hollow of the cleavage and on your wrists. These areas are the parts of the body that best retain the scent of perfume.
Before use, we recommend that you try the perfume in the crease of your elbow. In order to prevent a possible allergy. At the slightest reaction, we advise you
to stop using it.

Brand: Lattafa
Capacity: 50ml

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It is an opulent and suave oriental perfume for women.

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