A unique oriental perfume that has a magnificent composition.

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Lattafa, is a brand of oriental perfumes very appreciated in the East, but which tends to make itself known to Westerners. It makes a point of including fewer products
chemicals in its popular fragrances.

All the diversity of the scents of the Lattafa perfume house will stick to your skin. A
fatal weapon of seduction, and a touch of character!
The time has come to present the oriental fragrance Ohood, a scent of character, soft and
powerful at the same time.

Ohood, the multifaceted fragrance

Wrap yourself in pleasure in an Arab fragrance with unparalleled scents. But above all, with
products that are not aggressive for your skin.
Opulent floral notes first emanate from the oriental fragrance Ohood.

These top notes are made up of camellia, blueberry and dill.
The heart of this fragrance is worthy of a real taste!

The irresistible fragrance thus continues its radiance with a blend of cocoa, red tea and dates. Sweet touches that add wonderfully to this waltz of intoxicating scents.

The base notes, more sensual, warmer and sweeter, are composed of
musk, oud and amber.

A unique oriental perfume with a magnificent composition, which will charm you at
first spray.

Ohood fragrance notes:

Top notes: camellia, blueberry, dill
Heart notes: cocoa, red tea, dates
Base notes: musk, oud, amber

How do I use my Ohood perfume?

Symbol of our identity, the choice of a perfume is an important step. While to do
to hold its perfume, is another story.
We give you some tips for a long-lasting scent of your Ohood perfume
- Moisturize your skin, because on dry skin, the scent diminishes more quickly.
- Spray on strategic areas of your body, focusing on the back of the
ears, neck and wrists.
- You can also spray it on your clothes, and your hairbrush.
Thanks to these little tips, you will keep your oriental perfume all day long, for
maximum good smell.

Capacity: 35ml
Brand: lattafa

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A unique oriental perfume that has a magnificent composition.

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