Oud al Khuloub



It is a unisex oriental perfume that has an astonishing and explosive composition.

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Oud al Khuloub

Lattafa is an oriental perfume brand that continues to stand out by offering a wide
range of incredible fragrances.

This perfume house offers very high quality oriental perfumes, for men
and wife. Why are oriental fragrances so exceptional? Because it's all about perfumes
with notes of oriental flower essences and sweet spices. Their aqueous composition
makes them light and soft.

In addition, the Lattafa brand now offers you the Oud al Khuloub perfume.

Oud al Khuloub, astonishing and explosive!

This oriental scent was made to please everyone, men and women alike.
women. A unique blend of exceptional scents.

In top notes, we find the citrus olfactory family with lemon, iris and
lemon verbena. This brings all its freshness to the Oud al Khuloub perfume.
At the heart of the fragrance are violet and cedar.

And finally, the base notes, which are condensed with ambergris, sandalwood and

An ideal fragrance for people looking for special and mysterious fragrances.

Olfactory Notes:

Top notes: iris, lemon, lemon verbena
Heart notes: violet, cedar
Base notes: sandalwood, ambergris, leather

How do I use my Oud al Khuloub perfume?

Although everyone knows how to use perfume, making your perfume last is another story. It is why we are going to give you the essential gestures to smell good all day long!

As a first step, always spray your perfume on hydrated skin. This takes a few minutes. A good hydration will allow a long duration of your arabic scent.

Secondly, aim for the pulse points, such as the neck, joints,
behind the ears and wrists.

Finally, don't forget to spray it on your hair and clothes!

Capacity: 35ml
Brand: lattafa

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Oud al Khuloub

Oud al Khuloub

It is a unisex oriental perfume that has an astonishing and explosive composition.

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