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Perfume Black Oud Aitizaz

Oud lovers, the Indian perfume house Ajyad presents its incredible
a fragrance as fascinating as it is mysterious... Discover the Black Oud Aitizaz perfume!

Black Oud Aitizaz: a sensual oriental perfume

Eastern India opens the doors of its aromatic universe to you and invites you to travel
in a warm and wooded atmosphere…

Fascinating and mysterious, the Black Oud Aitizaz perfume expresses sensuality through the oud,
an intense and woody ingredient.

Its precious and elegant scent is revealed through notes that form a
perfect harmony.

This fragrance is intended for oud lovers, as well as men and women of all ages who
will certainly appreciate the aromatic power contained in the bottle.

Black Oud Aitizaz perfume: the olfactory pyramid

Succumb to the olfactory richness of this perfume with a harmonious alliance:
First, enjoy the top notes of black oudh, agarwood,
patchouli, nagarmotha and red orange.
Then come the heart notes with cedar wood and sweet oudh.
Finally, the base notes intensify everything with a deep woody character. Thus, we
There you will find Cambodian oudh, Indian oudh and pure oudh.

How to apply your perfume effectively?

First, make sure you moisturize your skin properly. Indeed, a fragrance
will hold much better on sufficiently hydrated skin than on skin

Then, when putting on perfume, remember to focus on the pulse points of
your body which will allow a better exhalation of the fragrances. Among these: the
neck, the underside of the earlobe, the hollow of the elbow, the inside of the wrists...
Also, do not hesitate to perfume your favorite product directly on your clothes,
scarves, scarves…

Finally, remember to spray your fragrance on your hairbrush before you
comb. Indeed, the hair just like the clothes allow the fragrances to
speak longer.

Capacity: 100ml

Brand: Oudh al anfar

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Parfum Ancient Oud

Parfum Ancient Oud

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