Opulent Musk



Opulent Musk is a white musk based fragrance that is fresh and sweet.

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Opulent Musk

A perfume says a lot about your personality, which is why choosing the right one is essential! The Lattafa perfume house works to ensure that your perfumes are made with care.

For an exceptional smell, the brand has selected high quality products for you.

The various journeys around the scents of the Orient are as wonderful as each other.

Today we bring you the Opulent Musk fragrance.

Opulent Musk, instant of purity

Opulent Musk Oriental Eau de Parfum is light and sweet. Contained in its pretty bottle
of 100 mL, the capacity of your Arabic perfume will allow you to keep it for a long time.
The top notes are composed of white musk, saffron, as well as a citrus zest.
Jasmine and white flowers form the heart notes, which make the scent oriental
light and pure.

The base notes are a delicious complement to the whole. With resinous accords,
white musk and touches of amber.

This perfume is suitable for all occasions, thanks to the white musk which is the ingredient by excellence of a pure fragrance!

Olfactory Notes:

Top notes: Lemon, White musk, Saffron
Heart Notes: Jasmine, White Flowers
Base notes: White musk, cedar resin, fir resin, amber

How do I use my Opulent Musk perfume?

To use your perfume, a few sprays are enough, because oriental perfumes are
very concentrated scents.

We recommend that you spray it on the pulse points of your body. Most
known are the neck, behind the ears and the wrists, but be aware that there are others.
Like the hollow of the elbows, behind the knees ... You can also put it on your
hair and clothes. Spray a cloud of your delicious Opulent Musk fragrance, at
about 20 cm from your skin.

Capacity: 100ml

Brand: Lattafa

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Opulent Musk

Opulent Musk

Opulent Musk is a white musk based fragrance that is fresh and sweet.

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