Oud afghano


Oud Afghano Perfume Oil

The essence of the man par excellence, virility, power and character. This is exactly what you can find through the Oud Afghano perfume oil.

A typically masculine oriental fragrance, which will charm you from the first notes,
be sure...

Oud Afghano perfume oil: a wind of virility is blowing
on your skin

It is described through its woody notes and its almost animal trail. Oud perfume oil
Afghano is a concentrate of precisely chosen scents, which offers its holder a
unique olfactory experience.

It must be said that it is one of the most virile oriental perfumed oils of the moment. Its concentration will give you a fragrant aura for long hours. But also the feeling of being in control. As a result, confidence and self-control will be there!

How to Take Full Advantage of Oud Fragrance Oil

Gentlemen, even if time is pressing, do not skimp on the application of your fragrance
man. Indeed, it is the final touch of your outfit before stepping outside. Reserve a few moments at this particular moment!

First, remember to hydrate yourself, especially in the chest, neck and arms. You can, in fact, apply your perfume oil to these places, in order to fully enjoy its smell!

On the touch-up side, if you are one of those who always needs a little freshness during the day, we have what you need!

Opt for Oud Ajeeb scented oil, and its woody charm. It will enhance the oud wood notes of your fragrance with finesse!

Male scents at Oud and Musk

Many perfumeries offer unisex fragrances. However, gendered aromas are unavoidable, and sometimes reveal more precisely a part of our personality.

Thus, these gentlemen will be able to appreciate the warm and wintery scent contained in Blue Oud, signed Lattafa.

Whatever your choice, be sure that the oriental fragrance will not disappoint you!

Capacity: 3, 6 or 12ml

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Oud afghano

Oud afghano

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