Himalaya deer musk


A thin Himalayan musk, strong, but not too stuffy, spicy earth and sweet.

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Himalayan Deer Musk

Himalayan deer musk is one of the rarest musks, and the most difficult to obtain.
Its mixed and oriental fragrance is powerful but also sweet. But its scent is not
not its only asset, Himalayan musk has interesting medicinal properties.
Let yourself be seduced by this pure, high-quality musk, straight from the Himalayas.

A musk of character

Located in northern India, Nepal and southwest China, the Himalayas are a chain
mountainous which means "abode of snow". It is from this distant landscape that our Himalayan musk oil comes to us.

Himalayan musk is a strong and characterful fragrance. Its musky and amber smell
gives an oriental note. Its strong appearance is accentuated by its spicy, earthy and
animal. Everything is softened by a fruity and exotic note.

These characteristics make it both a strong, deep and rough musk but very soft and
spicy. This wild and characterful perfume is nevertheless pleasant to wear, thanks to its

Himalayan musk will perfectly suit men and women who are not cold.
to the eyes, and being in search of a suave perfume of character.

The secret of the Tibetans

Himalayan deer musk oil hides many secrets. His characterful smell is not his only
asset, its fragrance would also have medicinal properties.
Its bewitching smell would have the ability to get rid of any feeling of negativity, and
promote good sleep. Free from all negativities, you will be less conducive to
anxiety, nervous imbalance and insomnia.

This powerful fragrance is therefore a great ally for people who are stressed and anxious.

Usage tips

Apply a drop of Himalayan musk to the skin of your neck, the back of your
ears and your wrists (without rubbing them together).

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A natural deer musk, rare, animalic, earthy and woody

Capacity: 3ml
Provenance: India


Ce musc ! Vraiment du lourd, puissant enfin du véritable

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Wouaaa, odeur qui fait rappeler des moments passé à des lieux qu'on s'en rappel plus ou moins ...

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Himalaya deer musk

Himalaya deer musk

A thin Himalayan musk, strong, but not too stuffy, spicy earth and sweet.

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    ...my third order of this powerful and refreshing oil- terpenes come rolling in, and black ink and peppermint flashes, woody sweetness- a strong one, but easily modified with a swipe of Kasturi- try it!

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    Parfum suave, animal et doux avec le temps

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