Arabic Oud


This Oud perfume oil is created from carefully chosen noble raw materials ...

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Have you ever taken part in the enchanted fragrance ball? Know that the guest of honor is the Arabic Oud scented oil! The Orient joins the dance to share its best steps with us until it seduces you with its sweet and pleasant fragrances!

Arabic Oud: a scent that comes from afar!

Indeed, oriental perfumes are a reference in the field of perfumery! The
pleasantly woody and characterful scents are the very essence of so-called fragrances,
oriental! If you are not the one who goes in search of these scents, they are the ones who come to you! Ladies and gentlemen, have you found your scented companion? It's time, because the ball is about to begin.

Arabic Oud perfume oil, a smell that speaks to you!

Always up to date, your perfumery specialist Oud & Musk would like you to
share a fragrance that will suit you! Then let yourself be carried away by its
ardor and its sweet character with floral and characterful notes!

The first steps of this fragrant ball begin with the top notes: white flower,
rosemary, vanilla. Charm and sweetness are in the spotlight!

Then comes an unexpected trio of heart notes: amber, mahogany, and anise, in a delicate and pleasant adjustment!

Let's conclude with the base notes and this skilful and strong duo of character! Oud wood,and cashmere musk! Difficult to tame, which makes the attraction and the charm of this couples!

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It's time ! For the famous last dance, have you found your date? If it's not
not the case, it is not too late!

Multiple choices await you on the Oud & Musk website! For musk lovers, Green musk waits on the track with its best costume!

No need to feel remorse for leaving your friend alone, because he came with his
faithful sidekick black kastouri musk!

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Arabic Oud

Arabic Oud

This Oud perfume oil is created from carefully chosen noble raw materials ...

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