Sandaliya rose


Pink Sandaliya Perfume

The Sandaliya Rose perfume is of the mixed woody genre, particularly original and unique!
Its blend of aromatic oils makes this fragrance a long-lasting essence with excellent staying power. Come and let yourself be charmed by a cosmetic from India...

Sandaliya Rose perfume: authentic and iconic

Discover a quality fragrance, this is the opportunity to enjoy a
fresh and floral fragrance, both for men and women.
In addition, its alcohol-free formula is respectful of the skin, even the most sensitive. This does not prevent you from carrying out a small precautionary test before use.

Thus, this Arabic fragrance gives a feeling of energy to the wearer, and it is advisable to apply it both on the skin and on the clothes! And this, in order to take full advantage of it.

Apply your Sandaliya Rose perfume like a
professional !

No doubt you already know how to use a spray bottle. Nevertheless, there are some little tricks that can change the way you wear perfume. And therefore, to enjoy your scent.

First of all, know that the hair is a good place to receive these delicate scented molecules. And that it will, in fact, perfectly retain your Sandaliya Rose scent.

Then, certain body areas are to be preferred. Like the neck, the wrists or the joints.

Finally, we advise you to hydrate yourself well using the Mukhallat cream, for
example. This will allow the aromas to better stick to your skin!

The Rose is in the spotlight at Oud and Musk

Flower of love, friendship, forgiveness and many other occasions, the rose is a
essential of oriental perfumery.

It is therefore only natural that you will find it in many scented creations in our online store.

For example :

Amber Rose
Oud Al Ward
- As well as in some cosmetics, like this cream
- Or even in amber incense sticks, or incense…

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Sandaliya rose

Sandaliya rose

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