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The smell of Bakhour is very soft and durable. It is especially appreciated by the Muslims.

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You too are a house guest who loves when your interior gives off scents
remarkable and soothing?! So, let yourself be seduced by the Bakhoor and spread your
fragrances throughout the house!

Introducing Eastern Bakhoor!

Are you one of those who love pleasant smells? In your home or at
office, the Bakhoor is back in force!

Also known as “incense”, you can find it under different forms ! In particular in wood chips scented with essential oils: it will be your daily asset!

The Bakhoor is its different scents!

Your online store specializing in fragrances wishes to highlight a multitude
of bakhoor! If you are a fan of pleasant and long-lasting smells, then you have come to the right place !

Have you ever met the Bakhoor Oudh Touch me? If it's not yet
If so, it's not too late! Its woody and floral scent will give your inside a reassuring atmosphere conducive to relaxation!

In addition, you can also find Dalua, a superior quality incense that
will delight your senses and charm your guests!

Do not hesitate any longer and promote a more serene atmosphere with the appropriate scents!

Usage tips !

Your specialist is always keen to offer you quality products. It's for
these reasons that we wish to share with you these oriental incenses!

To use your Bakhour well, you must first be well equipped! That is to say have the right equipment for a diffusion of quality fragrances!

The incense burner is the tool of choice to fully enjoy the fragrances released by
incense! Start by putting the wood chips in the censer, then light the coal in order to deposit it on your chips! Once the smoke appears, enjoy quietly with the scents of your new oriental incense!


Leave out of reach of children.
Always keep incense under supervision and away from fabrics!

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The smell of Bakhour is very soft and durable. It is especially appreciated by the Muslims.

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