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Pack of 10 woody scents



This Pack of  woody scents is presented in a lovely gift bag

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This Pack of  woody scents is presented in a lovely gift bag including:


This composition is based on a woody fragrance, a blend of nature around the oud.

We find the Iris comes soften this fragrance full of delight.

Capacity: 3ml
Brand: Rasasi

Mukhallat sanabeel

A very soft and subtle Mukhallat which a mixture floral, woody, spicy and sweet around a unique and precious ingredient: the Safran.

Capacity: 3ml
Brand: Ajmal

Black Afghan

Black Afghano is an unlikely and mysterious encounter between peppery and spicy notes.

A smell that will follow you a long time and will make you a unique and unusual person. A sharp and powerful blend for men of character.

Capacity: 3ml

Brand: Al-Haramain

Badar al Mukhallat

Mukhallat al Badar was designed based Dehn Al Oud.

Mukhallat al badar is a balanced combination of Dehn Al Oudh, with a flavor and a unique fragrance that lifts your spirits and you wake up. A character fragrance oil.

This fragrance is famous among Arabs.

Capacity: 3ml
Brand: Ajmal

Mukhallat Al Emirates

Mukhallat Al Emirates is an oriental composition that is warm and woody.

It recognizes the rose, incense and Oud ...

The base note is Sandalwood, it takes you on an intense olfactory journey.

Capacity: 3ml
Brand: Al-Haramain

White Musk Maliki

Pest white musk and innovative already share its name means royal mix. It Musk smell fresh, which softened and slightly floral, on a spicy background ..

His head notes are lily, violet and pepper
His Heart notes are jasmine and white oud
His Base notes are white oud, sandalwood and white musk

Capacity: 3ml
Brand: Al-Haramain

Oud Maliki

Indescribable feeling overlooked this scent.

A fragrance oil designed around the Oud this precious wood is sought by perfumers around the world. A gentle touch of exoticism and a.joute through leaked notes (citrus, bergamot). Sweet notes come to perfect this sublime fragrance oil (honey, musk)

Their heads are notes of oud, citrus and debergamote
His Heart notes are agarwood (oud), spices and honey
His Base notes are white oud, spices, honey and musk

Capacity: 3ml
Brand: Al-Haramain


Sultan is a fragrance oil among the most popular

A classic oriental to have in his collection.

A compostion of character with rare ingredients commele saffron and rose taif.

Capacity: 3ml

Brand: Surrati

Oudi black

Oudi black is an inspiration based on Oud and exotic and spicy notes.

Among the fruity notes include orange, neroli and patchouli.

The notes of incense and Oud vienent intensify this royal effluvium.

Black Pepper brings character to the composition and elegance to this mixture.

Capacity: 3ml
Brand: Swiss arabian

Mukhallat Maliki oud

A musk is an amazing composition around the Oud.

There are the Dehn Al Oud, sandalwood and saffron. This is one of our favorites, it lasts a long time and notes are both strong and gentle.

Capacity: 3ml
Al Haramain


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Pack of 10 woody scents

Pack of 10 woody scents

This Pack of  woody scents is presented in a lovely gift bag

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