Body Musk Maliki

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Body Musk Maliki is irresistible and powdery.

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Body musk maliki perfumed oil

Let yourself be tempted by the brand's irresistible Body musk maliki scented oil
Dubai Al Haramain. This alcohol-free, fresh fragrance with musky and floral notes
will accompany your day with poetry.

Body musk maliki perfume oil to seduce…

Body musk maliki perfume oil reveals a romantic blend that will leave you
behind you a wake of east and west. On one side, its French touch with the lily, the
lily of the valley and mimosa, give it softness and lightness. And on the other, white musk, vanilla and
sandalwood, for a sensual and gourmet touch. Without forgetting the tangerine, which
harmonizes perfectly and adds a little pep.

Why choose Body musk maliki perfume oil?

You should know that a perfume oil is very concentrated, so it must be used with
parsimony. Indeed, a tiny amount is enough to embalm you for a long time. He
It is therefore necessary to choose the places to impregnate, in a strategic way. But he is
It is also essential to choose notes that look like you and highlight you. In
Indeed, the olfactory trace that you will leave behind you will represent you.
How to wear Body musk maliki perfumed oil?

At first glance, this fragrant concentrate is greasy and viscous, but it penetrates very quickly
the skin. Therefore, we advise you to apply your perfumed essence on the areas
hot. Indeed, these make it possible to preserve the odors longer. In general,
they are found in the folds of the neck, behind the ears and at the wrists. You
can even add perfume or eau de parfum to your clothes, provided they
are compatible.

Notice to lovers of rare species!

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Top notes: lily, white musk, mandarin
Heart notes: sandalwood, lily of the valley, mymosa
Base Notes: Vanilla, White Musk

Capacity: 3, 6 or 12 ml
Brand: Al Haramain

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Body Musk Maliki

Body Musk Maliki

Body Musk Maliki is irresistible and powdery.

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