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Product image Khalis oudi

Khalis Oudi (Pure Oud) by Lattafa Parfums is an oriental fragrance.

Product image Khashab al oud Other
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This perfume made from agarwood will delight more than a lover of agar wood (Oud wood) ... A sweet scent, woody, sweet, spicy ... And that lasts very long!

Product image Khas Oud Topaz

A perfume as impressive as its presentation that will bring you warmth and intensity.

Product image Khas Oud Icona Out
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Khas Oud Icona is a perfume that evokes freedom and joy.

Product image Malaysia Oudh

A fragrance based on Malaysian agarwood that will surprise more than one ...

Khashab Al Oud White Classic

Khasab Al Oud, as the name suggests is a perfume spray oud (agarwood), a reference of oriental perfumery!

Product image Oud Hamdan

A rich and strong perfume oil in oud. Beautiful composition, consisting of a base of oud with fragrances of coffee, spices and leather that will soften the oud!

Oud Body Spray - Hareemi

This body spray made with precious and exclusive ingredients will bring you freshness and dynamism.

Oud Ghalib Other
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Oud Ghalib by Ard Al Zaafaran is a fragrance with a delicate aroma for a calm, measured and modest personality.

Product image Oud al Lail Other
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Oud Al Lail by Ahlaam is a woody oriental scent that offers bright chords. 

Oud al Malik Other
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An Oud Perfume that has a deep and provocative wake.

Oud Combodi Khas

An intense and sweet Oud Cambodi that reminds the oud oil from Cambodia and all its depth.

Blue Oud

Blue Oud is a woody oriental perfume, warm and voluptuous.

Iconic Oudh

Iconic Oud is a woody oriental perfume, sweet and greedy.

Oudy Woody Other
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A strong perfume made from Oud which is distinguished by its character.

Mafatin - Musk al Oud

This perfume promises you a trip to the east. He combines luxury and voluptuousness, leaving behind a woody and slightly spicy trail.

Parfum d'ambiance Oud Sharqia

A very pleasant room fragrance, like the perfume.

Oud Assam Other
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An oriental perfume with character that will appeal to all oud lovers.

Product image Shalimar Oud Oriental Perfumes Oriental Perfumery

Shalimar Oud is an oud perfume real gem of oriental perfumery. Indeed, thecurves of the bottle and cap of this perfume are original and elegant.

Perfume Set Ameer al Oud | Oriental Perfumes | Dubai Perfumes

At Oud and Musk, you can find a multitude of oriental fragrances. Butalso boxes to offer or to treat yourself!

Oud Mood Elixir

Oud Mood Elixir by Lattafa is a welcoming and energizing scent made of oud with oriental notes.

Opulent Oud

Opulent Oud is an incredible perfume that will appeal to woody scents lovers.

Product image Anfas al Oud

Anfas al Oud is an oriental oil of perfume made from agarwood.

Showing 1 - 23 of 23 items