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Jannatul firdaus- Pefume Oil Sale! -15%

Jannatul Firdaus is one of the best fragrance oils ever created in the history of perfume.

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Ruhel wordh -15%

Ruhel wordh nagar is a perfume oil to the mixture of fresh notes of motha, saffron, Bulgarian rose, sandalwood...

$7 $8
Musc Ayesha -30%

This oriental perfume oil captures and gives an unexpected and refreshing twist to the one who will wear it ...

$6 $9
Mukhallat Oud Al Shams

This perfume oil adds a new and exquisite dimension to the existing range.

Mukhallat Habibi -30%

This perfume oil is meant to evoke nature.

$6 $8
Mukhallat Malaki Badr -25%

A rich oriental blend of pure Turkish rose, enhanced with heart notes of Spanish saffron, Cambodian agarwood and Indian amber.

$6 $8

A refined and sweet scent. This perfume oil combines the best of Eastern and Western culture.

Product image Mukhallat Khaliji Out
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This perfume oil is a subtle accord on the theme of agarwood, this sublime woody and enveloping raw material.

Gilaf Kaaba

A perfume oil well known to all, but rarely with this 100% natural quality.

Al Aqeeq Other
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Oriental fragrance oil with sweet and slightly fruity accords gradually developing into a spicy and floral heart

Santal Blush

Sandalwood Blush is a truly unique woody and spicy scented perfume oil .

Musc al Qurashi

In the line of oriental perfume oils, here is the musc al qurashi! Very appreciated by its softness and its lightness

Sultan Oud

This perfume oil develops a lively atmosphere conveyed by woody notes.

Touch me -40%

This perfume oil is a set of aromatic bouquet ...

$4 $7
Black Oud - Montale Oriental Oil of Perfume -25%

A magnificent Oud Perfume Oil from Cambodia intertwined with Patchouli Leaves from Indonesia unfolds under an accord of Musk, Mandarins and Rose Petals.

$10 $13
Imitation women oriental oil of perfume -30%

An oriental fragrance oil that will leave your skin wonderfully scented, giving you a good helping of energy and confidence at all times of the day.

$5 $8
Black oud Amiri

The field of oriental perfumery knows real pearls! This is the case with oilscented Black oud Amiri, which contains a rare and prized raw material: agarwood.

Habibi - Perfume Oil -20%

Who said that a feeling could not be translated by a fragrance? Certainly not yourOud and Musk shop, anyway! Because our Habibi perfume oil is proof that love has a smell.

$11 $13
Cool Water - Perfume Oil -20%

Spicy, aromatic, woody... are you a man who appreciates freshness and novelty? In fact, the Cool Water perfume is made for you.

$7 $9
Oud al Jannah - Perfume Oil

Who wouldn't want to smell a fragrance that bears the name of Paradise? Oud Al Jannah is an oriental fragrance that is both characterful and full of sweetness.

Oud al Africa - Perfume Oil

Definitely, at Oud And Musk, the scents of all countries meet in our online store. Today, it is the Oud Al Africa which wishes to embalm our heart.

Royal Velvet - Ajmal

A fragrance oil that combines East and West in a fresh and energetic fragrance, with contemporary tastes.

Musc Rose

Rose Musk is a great quality perfume oil.

Showing 1 - 24 of 34 items