House Perfume Oud Romancea


Oud Romancea

Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with the Oud air freshener
Romancea. Its typically oriental scent has fruity and comforting notes.
Plunging you into a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

The romantic and oriental scent of Oud Romancea

The success of Oud Romancea perfume has been so intense, that Ard Al Zaafaran decided to
adapt it as a home fragrance.

At the first spray, you will be carried by a fresh and tangy wind. Indeed,
the top notes are fruity and zesty. Then, you will be challenged by the heart notes in
multifaceted. At the same time flowery, spicy and sweet, these notes surprise you with their
balance. Finally, the heat ends up diffusing slowly with the oriental base notes,
woody, chypre and amber. Providing a warm and attractive atmosphere.

Thus, you can perfume your interior with the warm and charming fragrance of
textile fragrance Oud Romancea. In order to create a warm and friendly home.

Olfactory pyramid:
First, the top notes are: Blackcurrant, Bergamot and Mandarin.
Then, the heart notes are: Gardenia, Cinnamon, Jasmine, Spicy notes and Ylang-ylang.
Finally, the base notes are: Oud, Incense, Sandalwood, Patchouli and Amber.

Personalize your interior with Oud Romancea

This alcohol-free textile spray helps fight unpleasant odors, but also
perfume your interior.

So you can use it on all home textiles. Like the sofa,
cushions, and the bed. But also curtains and rugs. In order to give them a scent
oriental, woody, fruity and irresistible!

In addition, the aestheticism of the spray bottle does not leave you indifferent. Her beauty is akin to a
decorative object. Allowing you to blend it into the background, so that you always have it
at hand.

In the same range of room spray, with the characteristic scent of successful perfumes.
There is also the Oudi room fragrance, and the Bint Hooran room fragrance.

Precautions for use

We recommend that you spray this spray from a distance of at least 20 cm. In order to
do not damage the fabrics.

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House Perfume Oud Romancea

House Perfume Oud Romancea

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