Omani Frankincense - Luban


Frankincense native of the emirate of Oman is considered the best quality frankincense in the world.

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Oman Luban

Coming from the Omani desert lands, a sap emerges from a bark filled with

secrets. In fact, it is the Oman frankincense also called louban dakar: this milky tear full of virtues and mysteries. Also, all our resins are harvested manually and totally natural.
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Oman Luban : the unpretentious king of frankincense!

"The King", because indeed, it is considered to be the best in its category!
In fact, this jewel of nature is obtained by incising the bark of a tree called
Boswellia Sacra. It flows, then, in droplets or "tears" as it is also

Also, this gum is called "louban" in Arabic and "louban dakar". In fact, it is so named, for the simple reason that it emerges from the trunk like drops of milk. It is then recovered and used in various forms: fumigation, maceration or as chewing gum, etc.

It is also whitish in color and looks like grains or gums.
edible resins. Moreover, its lemony taste is very appreciated. Moreover, when it burns,
it delivers a fairly sweet citrus scent.

What are the benefits of the Oman Luban?

This category of white tears has multiple properties and the best known is its effect

anti-inflammatory. But that is of course not its only strong point. We will strive
to list a few.

First, it has been proven to have pain-relieving effects. Therefore, she is
particularly suitable to help fight against joint problems and

It also helps to significantly reduce blood sugar levels. What can be a
significant help for people with diabetes.

Besides that, it is known that it has beneficial effects on digestion and relieves

Finally, it has been shown to help relieve respiratory problems and asthma.

A few ways to use your Oman Frankincense

This precious tear can be used in various ways, but we will name two,

In fumigation:

You can simply put some aromatic gums in a burner
previously heated incense.

A selection of aromatic gums just for you!

Of course, this range does not stop there. Our shop offers various Omani resins,

such as Hojari Frankincense and Hojari Royal White Frankincense.

Capacity: 40g
Origin: Oman

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Omani Frankincense - Luban

Omani Frankincense - Luban

Frankincense native of the emirate of Oman is considered the best quality frankincense in the world.

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    Étant donné que je me suis trompée dans ma commande je ne peux donner un avis .. à la base je voulais du Oliban royal Ojari d Oman qui est plus efficace

  • 4

    J’aurai aimer avoir une meilleure explication sur le produit, il est écrit sur la page qu’on peut le mettre dans l’eau et le boire mais quand je vous ai écrit, ont mas dit que non, il n’était pas comestible

    Merchant's answer

    Bonjour, Celui - ci est plus pour parfumer la maison même si il peux tout de même être consommé ... Mais les olibans les plus adéquates pour leurs bienfaits à manger sont tous les olibans hojari (à part le noir)

  • 5

    Même avis que le précédent ????????????

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