Black Luban Oman - Boswellia Sacra

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Black boswellia sacra is one of the last gum from the tree..

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Indian Luban

Frankincense or Luban has all smelled of it once in our lifetime. This marks our memory
emotional. But with the Indian frankincense it is quite another story. This is a teleportation
total in another universe where everything seems so zen ... A world where one would hardly want more come back.

So, make your dreams come true with Oud and Musk… And come and travel on the rich land

Indian Luban : the fascinating world of Indian tears

This variety of resin comes straight from India. Also, it was extracted from the frankincense tree of the Boswellia Serrata type. This one grows freely in nature, on land
generally belonging to nomadic families. These collect the precious sap or rent the right to exploit them. This is to say how rare and sought after this incense is!

Besides that, this little aromatic crystal is chypre and 100% natural. Also, he introduces himself in the form of small seeds of irregular size and shape.

As for its relaxing scent, it is unique in the world of gum-resins. She owns
a fragrance very appreciated by its sweetness during its combustion. We are far from
the usual fragrance with warm citrus notes. Indeed, its scent is more subtle and sweet, rather woody, almost balsamic. That’s why he stands out from the crowd
African and Arab frankincense.

Some exceptional virtues of the Indian Luban

Indian gum resins are traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine
as an expectorant and anti-arthritis. But not only…

Indian teardrop is also used for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

This makes it undoubtedly effective against joint problems, during a
lack of mobility and flexibility.

Although it is not an analgesic, strictly speaking, it will have effects for
ease the pain. Indeed, it will act directly on the pro-inflammatory molecules which
cause the pain. Besides that, this Indian incense crystal will help reduce swelling
joint and morning stiffness.

Finally, this resinous seed acts on the mobility of the joints.

How to use your Indian Luban?

It can be used with incense charcoal. To do this, follow the next steps.
First, light the charcoal while holding it with the tongs used for this purpose.
Then, when the charcoal is well lit, you can then place it on the dome of a
incense burner. This dome can be lined with sand, it will then be necessary to wait until there is no more cracklings.

Finally, we suggest that you add a small pinch of herbs or other resin in the
coal hollow. To this use, you can add for example the Eritrean olibanum or
olibanum Ethiopia Messer. But don't use too much, it may choke the charcoal.
Namely: the odoriferous principles are emitted for about 10 minutes. So according to this
you are looking for the effect, refuel the charcoal. This one puts, as for him, approximately 1
hour to be totally consumed.


Remember that the charcoal and the censer are still hot after use. So
please keep it away from small children.

Capacity: 40g
Origin: India

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Black Luban Oman - Boswellia Sacra

Black Luban Oman - Boswellia Sacra

Black boswellia sacra is one of the last gum from the tree..

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