Frankincense Black and Gold


This incense comes out of the Boswellia which is the tree that gives the oliban. This incense has a slightly spicy woody smell.

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Gold and Black Luban

This gum resin comes from a large family of different types of Boswellia. And at
Oud and Musk, we like to vary the pleasures and make you enjoy the different varieties
incense. That’s why we’re bringing you this blend of Gold and Black frankincense.
It’s a real treat for your eyes and senses!

Gold and Black Luban: a real cocktail of pleasure!

This mixture is composed of two types of loûban: the black one and the colored one.
gold. As regards the black loûban, it is particular and very rare. Also, it belongs to the
variety of male shrubs "Boswellia Neglecta" which grows in Africa, most often in
Kenya. It is only after the first three years of growth that its precious sap is
harvested. This is to say how rare it is! In addition, its appearance is black and rocky reminiscent of basalt.

As for its smell, it is warmer than the Oman frankincense. Indeed, its fragrance is intense,
warm and woody. Also, it is accompanied by balsamic notes of vanilla and amber, mixed with a refreshing fragrance of sweet camphor.

This black teardrop is accompanied by the gold teardrop. A feast for the eyes !
This gum-resin in gold has a woody scent, strong and very appreciable. It is
Moreover, a fresh scent with subtly lemony pine notes.

No need, therefore, to tell you that the fragrance of this magnificent cocktail is incredibly

Gold and black luban: its unsuspected properties

There are many advantages to using this flavored blend. Especially since he made his
evidence in different areas of traditional medicine. Here are a few :
First of all, it is a natural expectorant so it helps to treat coughs and bronchitis;
- Also, it has beneficial effects against asthma. Since the boswellia that contains it is itself,
a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. It helps to reduce the leukotrienes which cause the
narrowing of the airways;

On the other hand, it acts as a mosquito repellant when it burns;

In addition, it may have sedative effects, which can benefit insomnia and facilitate
falling asleep; Also, it is used to aid in the healing of wounds;
Finally, it would be of great help in the fight against gonorrhea.

How to burn Gold and Black Luban?

First, keep a flame lit for about 20 seconds on a charcoal.
incense. The latter will ignite naturally. Then place it in an incense burner.
After that, let the charcoal warm up for a few minutes. A gray color feature on its sides will let you know it's ready.

Now you can add some resin gums on the charcoal. That's when your small fragrant rock will burn and release essential and aromatic oils through smoke.

At Oud and Musk, it's frankincense open house!

This mixture surely fascinated you, didn't it? So it goes without saying that we will
offered this other tasty blend of multicolored frankincense scents!

Capacity: 40g

Origin: India

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Frankincense Black and Gold

Frankincense Black and Gold

This incense comes out of the Boswellia which is the tree that gives the oliban. This incense has a slightly spicy woody smell.

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