Red Luban Frankincense


The red luban is an incense known and recognized that no longer presents.

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Red Luban

There are several varieties of incense resins. But each of them has its own
specificity, and is derived from different trees.

And the Red luban is from India. More precisely, it is extracted from a shrub
named Boswellia Serrata. From the Burseraceae family, it is a medium-sized tree to
large ramifications of Indian origin.

Pure and natural, our rock incense will allow you to travel while staying at home.

Red Luban : origin of this soothing gum resin

Our product is made from the milky sap of a group of trees growing in India.
Like all gum-resins of this type, this precious sap is obtained by incision
tree bark. It then oozes from this bark, then dries up and forms
characteristic resinous tears. Then, it is harvested by hand, which makes these
gums 100% natural and pure products.

Also, it is called "loûban" because of its sap that oozes from the bark, like milk.

Besides that, it comes in different forms, such as chewing gum or
grains to burn. However, you can also find it in liquid form.

As for its fragrance, on combustion, it is woody, balsamic and fresh. This red tear is
often considered purifying. Also, known for its countless benefits, it is readily
assimilated to appeasement. So, some use it to relax, to sanitize a room or to
medicinal purposes.

Red Luban : a major anti-inflammatory

This gum resin is extremely potent to help fight inflammation
chronic and all associated inflammatory pain.

First, it has an effect on arthritis, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, sciatica and

Also, given its powerful softening, purifying and alkalizing effect, it will
contribute to the reduction of inflammatory pain. But also to calm the pains due
swelling, fractures and injuries.

Also, it helps to purify the blood and lymph of toxins, acids and heavy metals, ...

Finally, it has a beneficial effect on asthma and respiratory diseases, such as
bronchitis, tuberculosis and laryngitis.

Our tips for using your Red Frankincense

In broadcast

Its use is simple. All you need to do is place a few tears of resin on a charcoal.
incense that you will have heated beforehand. Following this you will see thick smoke which
will perfume the surrounding atmosphere.

As an ornament

You can simply put a few incense stones on a small dish, or
decorate a "pot-pourri".

A selection of tears for your viewing pleasure.

The color of our natural erasers will not leave you indifferent. What if you tried a
original decoration with these small aromatic rocks?
Nicely placed on a dome, for example, we suggest the Gold and Black frankincense and
multicolored frankincense.

Capacity: 40g
Origin: India

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Red Luban Frankincense

Red Luban Frankincense

The red luban is an incense known and recognized that no longer presents.

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