Multicolor luban


This incense comes from the boswellia which is the tree that gives the oliban.

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Multicolor luban

The resin alone is exquisite but mixed with other gum-resins is even better.
This is how we have chosen this blend of olibanum especially for you.

All of our incense tears are high quality, hand picked and 100% natural. Born
do not deprive yourself of it!

Multicolor luban : a fabulous variegation of tears

This sap is called a "tear" because it appears as a milky white sticky liquid. These tears flow from the trunk of the tree when it is "wounded". Indeed, the purpose of the resin is to "cure" the tree.

This white juice hardens into yellow "tears" when exposed to air.
And as far as our Multicolor frankincense is concerned, it is a mixture of resins of various
colors. Indeed, it is composed of black, red, green and yellow gum resins. This makes it an alloy combining all the benefits of each variety that composes it. This is what we will explain in the next section.

Multicolor luban: a mixture with a thousand virtues

Frankincense is a fragrant product full of medicinal properties. Here are some of them in this
list :
First of all, it is a natural painkiller and anti-inflammatory;
Also, it has antifungal and antiseptic effects;
On the other hand, it is an antioxidant and has an astringent effect on the skin;
Finally, it relieves bloating, aids digestion and has a diuretic effect.

Various ways to use your Incense

In resin water

You can dissolve the seeds of this mixture in a bottle of water. Then, after 4 hours, drink it to improve your digestive comfort.

In frankincense oil

You can also soak these gums in vegetable oil. Then, induce yourself on the skin if it is dry or simply in perfume oil.

In fumigation

In our incense burner, it will purify the air in your home and bring an ambiance of

A selection of accessories to make your job easier
We suggest our large oriental censer; as well as our pocket censer
pyramid for your travels. Not forgetting our incense charcoal!

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Capacity: 40g

Origin: India

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Multicolor luban

Multicolor luban

This incense comes from the boswellia which is the tree that gives the oliban.

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