Luban Oil


A natural and pure oliban essential oil that is woody.

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Olibanum oil

We finally have the honor to share with you our secret in order to overcome many
ailments ... The long awaited olibanum oil!

In fact, it is this wonderful discovery that will teach you to promote your own good-
to be…

Learn all about the incredible olibanum oil!

Frankincense oil originated with the majestic Boswellia sacra.

Indeed, by incising the trunk of this emblematic tree of the desert, we collect a resin
special. It is this, once distilled, that makes this precious oily liquid.
In this way, we especially benefit from this exceptional oriental oil in cosmetics and
in aromatherapy.

Thanks to its irreproachable quality and its innumerable virtues, this pure essence makes the happiness of many!

In addition, this olibanum essential oil emanates a pleasant warm smell and
slightly resinous.

Thus, without any added product, the latter is known to work small miracles ...

Frankincense oil, an effective support for health

Frankincense oil does indeed have tremendous powers:
- She is able to fight against depression and tensions. And thus harmonize the
emotions through its psycho-emotional effect;
- Likewise, this oil is excellent for the skin, in particular thanks to its properties
healing and regenerating;
- In addition, it perfectly plays the role of natural antifungal;

- In addition, sacred tree oil is ideal for clearing the airways as
in case of bronchitis, for example;
- Not to mention that it effectively stimulates the immune system in order to
prevent many infections ...

How to enrich your daily life with olibanum oil?

First of all, be aware that frankincense oil should always be diluted before use.
So you can mix it with other vegetable oils before a massage. You can also slip a few drops into your day cream, for example.

Likewise, putting it in your hair oil bath is a good idea to fight hair loss.

Finally, this oil is highly recommended for diffusion to perfume your home. And also for
facilitate meditation and relaxation.

Warning :
- Avoid contact with eyes and mucous ;
- Be careful not to ingest;
- Keep away from heat and preferably store in a dark and dry place;
- Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women;
- Forbidden to children under 3 years old;
- Remember to perform an allergy test before use.

Capacity: 3 ml

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Luban Oil

Luban Oil

A natural and pure oliban essential oil that is woody.

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