Wood & resin incense 

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Myrrhe Inde

Myrrh comes from Commiphora Myrrha

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Black Luban Oman - Boswellia Sacra Out
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Black boswellia sacra is one of the last gum from the tree..

8,99 €
Djaoui Marron New

An incense resin from benzoin that is very old.

10,00 €

The natural camphor in the form of pieces will facilitate the combustion.

9,00 €

This incense resin comes from the Bursera spp tree from Indonesia.

8,50 €
Copal Blanc Ethiopie New

Copal is a semi-fossil resin that is close to amber.

9,00 €
Djaoui Blanc

The white djaoui is an incense resin that is part of a class of benzoin.

9,00 €
Djaoui noir Out
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The black djaoui is an incense resin extracted from a tree also called Benjoin, it is used to give a good odor of incense.

7,50 €
Dragon Blood

This incense is a resinous gum from the fruit of Rotang (India)

14,00 €

The guggul comes from Commiphora Mukul.

9,50 €
Hojari Luban Grade 1 - Boswellia sacra

This product also comes from Hojari Grade like the blue ... 

16,50 €
Djaoui Rouge New

Red djaoui is an incense resin made from benzoin, also known as styrax.

10,00 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items