Wood & resin incense 

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Myrrhe Inde

Myrrh comes from Commiphora Myrrha

Black Luban Oman - Boswellia Sacra

Black boswellia sacra is one of the last gum from the tree..

Djaoui Marron

An incense resin from benzoin that is very old.


The natural camphor in the form of pieces will facilitate the combustion.


This incense resin comes from the Bursera spp tree from Indonesia.

Copal Blanc Ethiopie

Copal is a semi-fossil resin that is close to amber.

Djaoui Blanc

The white djaoui is an incense resin that is part of a class of benzoin.

Djaoui noir

The black djaoui is an incense resin extracted from a tree also called Benjoin, it is used to give a good odor of incense.

Dragon Blood

This incense is a resinous gum from the fruit of Rotang (India)

Encens en cône lavande

Our incense sticks will make you have a great time.

Oliban Bakhour New

How about transforming your interior into an oriental palace? The olibanum and bakhour is anatural incense with the irresistible odor of oud. Its fumigation is an olfactory journey. But it'salso a therapeutic session.


The guggul comes from Commiphora Mukul.

Showing 1 - 12 of 22 items