Agarwood Incense  

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Bois de Oud Indonesie

An incense from Indonesia this archipelago of islands which is full of jungles and which has a large variety of different agarwoods.

Bakhour / Bakhoor Safeer al Oud

This Bakhour / Bakhoor is made around musk, amber and agarwood. A good choice for your interiors ...

Boukhour oudh sharqia

Boukhour superior, is a set of aromatic bouquet of olfactory family "woody and musky"

Bukhoor maamul nabeel

Boukhour of superior quality, is a set of aromatic bouquet of olfactory family "floral and woody" ...

Product image Bakhoor

Oud and Musk offers a varied and quality collection of oud bakhours.Still in this process, here is the bakhour oud salah!

Product image Indonesia Agarwood Incense Sticks New

These incense sticks are excellent for medicinal purposes as well as for meditation. As a medicine, it is a cure for nervous disorders.

Bakhour / Bakhoor Oudh Mashreq - Nabeel Out
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This Bakhour / Bakhoor was made by Nabeel who is known for his scents of atmosphere and incense

Bakhour Black Oud Out
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A bakhoor or high quality Arabic incense that gives off a fabulous smell of oud.

bakhour-oud-al-khanjar Out
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This oriental incense called bakhour or bakhoor is an ideal choice.

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items
Agarwood Incense

Oud incense

The oud incense are those smells caught on the fly that line the walls of a
renowned oriental perfumery . Like an effluence that invites you to take your place at the forefront of
the mouthpiece of emotions.

Oud incense: diamond dust

When we talk about the oud, we can't help but think of the splendid palaces of the sultans
of the Middle East. To the opulence that defines the aristocracy inherited for generations. This
manifest pomp which spreads its wings and splashes these modest guests.

It's a fact, like it or not, agarwood rhymes with refinement, pageantry,
sumptuousness. With this scent imprint, our scent resins are a combination
of precious ingredients, with fascinating aromas.

Crafted in a traditional way, these oud incenses result from fragrances with the character of soft wood
and fresh earth. Some spicy notes here and there, and a pleasant final bouquet of
essential oils bewitch us.

Among the oriental fragrances belonging to the plant family, gaharu is distinguished by
its despotic odor. It has stood through the ages at the forefront of oriental fragrances extracted from nature. As well as those from animals, like musk and amber.

Despite everything, the calambac magnifies all the species it meets and presents itself as a
firm and buoyant center. This could explain the place he occupies in the hearts of his
suitors, who accept no alternative.

Thus, oud incense has a resinous constitution of plant origin. When they are
burned, they ultimately ennoble the spaces they occupy, and create an atmosphere conducive
to meditation.

In addition, they help with concentration and relax the mind, which is why we
recommend them for meditation and study!

How to use our oud incense?

First, choose from our oud incense sticks.
Then light the tip of the rod until it ignites.

Finally, turn off the shimmering end, and position the stick in an incense holder on a
flat heat-resistant surface.


When incensing high temperatures may appear.
Keep your incense away from all combustible and out of reach of children.