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Amber - Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

Abdul Samad al Qurashi who will sublimate you.

25,00 €

This Amber is a light oil, earthy and fruity ... His dress is long and refined fragrance is very popular in the East.

12,00 €
Ambre gris

At first sight this amber has a bitter odor which will change by refining itself over the minutes and which becomes suave, very pleasant

50,00 €
Ambre Gris Royal

This amber gray oil is subtle, naturally wood.Its dress is a very light yellow with a thick texture ... .

40,00 €
Premium Amber

An amber of rare quality exclusive to Oud and Musk.

80,00 €
Ambre royal ( qualitée supérieur )

An Amber superior who exudes a resinous smell and rough as amateurs and connoisseurs will appreciate Amber.

100,00 €
Shamamatul amber

The Shamamat Amber Attar is obtained by a method of ancestral distillation.

12,00 €
Turkish Amber oil

A prestigious amber with a thick texture which will be astonishing by its hold and its depth.

70,00 €
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items