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Santal Rouge

Refined and precious, this red sandalwood oil grown in the East of India is appreciated by the largest perfumers who consider it to be one of the best sandalwood oils in the world.

Santal Blush

Sandalwood Blush is a truly unique woody and spicy scented perfume oil .

Santal Premium

Sandalwood oil is commonly known for its woody and sweet smell and is frequently used as a base for products such as incense, perfumes. 

Golden sandal

This Indian sandalwood oil, premium quality (concentrated perfume oil) represents excellent value for money.

Santal rose

A scent that transports you directly to Orient.

Poudre de Santal Rouge

Sandalwood powder is known for its innumerable benefits as well as cosmetics that as incense.

Product image Sandal Oud

Sandal Oud combines two of the most widely used ingredients in the world of perfumery.

Product image Bakhoor Santal

This bakhoor is used to scent the house and on special occasions or to honor guests.

Sandalwood oil

A sandalwood oil from India, of superior quality that will give you a lot of pleasure.

Sandalwood (chips)

Sandalwood to burn like incense, to purify your pieces ...

Bois de santal

Sandalwood in real burn like Bakhour, to embalm your houses with precious scents of Asia ...

Product image Savon au bois de santal

Because our skin deserves the best, we present to you the sandalwood soap, the excellent cleansing care signed Hemani.


Because we are concerned to offer you the best products for hygienebody, here is a quality facial treatment for you.

Santal de Mysore Sale!

A pure sandalwood oil of rare quality from the Mysore region of India

Bois de santal en poudre Out
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Sandalwood Powder to burn like Bakhour, to embalm your house with precious scents of Asia ...

Showing 1 - 19 of 19 items


Known and used for 4000 years, sandalwood is renowned for its woody smell and
exotic, but also for the different virtues it brings. It is mainly used
in perfumery, phytotherapy and cosmetics.
Oud and Musk provides you with sandalwood in different forms. Anxious
quality and ethics, we offer sandalwood from India and
of Australia, which are the only countries producing this wood in the respect of the development

Sandalwood: A Fragrant Tree

Sandalwood is an evergreen tree, which can measure from 4 to 10 meters and live
up to 100 years old. The older the sandalwood tree, the higher quality its wood will be.
From the Santalaceae family, it belongs to the category of perfume or wood trees.
aromatic. Its warm fragrance perfumes the forest for about 30 years: it is
that time the tree is cut down to be chipped.

A woody and warm scent

Mystical, sandalwood gives off a woody, velvety and warm smell. He owns a
sensual and bewitching side, but that does not make it a strong and heady perfume. On the contrary,
the fragrance of sandalwood is soft and refined, which does not prevent it from having a
incredible tenacity.

A wood with multiple benefits

Purify and perfume your interior
The best known action of sandalwood is its ability to embalm and purify the places where
it is broadcast. Place a piece of sandalwood, or its shavings, on a hot coal to release
its subtle scent and purify your interior.

Take care of your skin

With powdered sandalwood you can reduce, see make disappear, your
skin problems. Indeed, the sandalwood powder used in mask or scrub,
perfectly cleanses the skin without irritating it. Its anti-acne, anti-
redness and anti-irritation will leave your skin soft and repaired.
For this, mix the sandalwood powder with a little water and apply the mixture on
your face.

Take care of your health

Sandalwood has benefits on a psychological level, such as:
o Sedative
o Anti-stress
o Helps to get back to sleep
o Fight against addictions
o Fight against depression
But also on a physical level:
o Antibacterial
o Fight against the ailments of the respiratory system
o Antiseptic
o Decongestant
o Analgesic
o Anti-inflammatory