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24 Degree - Oriental Perfume Other
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Surrati has developed and mastered the art of creating refined and oriented scents mixed with rare and luxurious materials.

Product image Adeeb - Lattafa - Oud Perfumes Dubai

Amateur of original and surprising scents? The Adeeb perfume is surelythe most original scent that you will not be able to smell. Both elegant and expressive, itsunique fragrance will allow you to stand out. But above all, to mark the spirits.

Ahlam al khaleej -20%
Al Ameer - oud perfume Dubai - oriental perfumes -20%

An oriental perfume with a warm and spicy trail.

$35 $44
Al Shamoukh dubai perfumes - oud perfumes -

A warm, woody and slightly spicy fragrance which is based on Oud.

Product image Ameer al oudh

Ameer Al Oudh is an oriental fragrance for men. The fragrance features agarwood, woody notes, vanilla, sugar and labdanum.

Amwaaj al Oud Other
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Amwaaj al Oud is a perfume from Lattafa Perfumes launched in 2016.

Product image Ana Abiyad oriental perfumes musk perfume

Here is one of the most popular oriental perfumes made from white musk.

Product image Ana Abiyad Leather oriental perfumes

Oriental perfumes are, for some, perfumes with notes of oriental flowers andsweet spices. These are fresh and light fragrances that provide softness.

Product image Parfum Ancient Oud

Awaken your senses through an alliance of harmoniously chosen notes. The perfumeAncient oud Private Edition will dress your skin perfectly whether you are aman or woman...

Anfas Khosousi - oriental perfumes - oud perfumes Out
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A triumphant and emblematic fragrance for its richness and depth that transcribes the desire to give, to receive and to start over.

Product image Anfas Oud - Oud perfume - Oriental Perfumes Other
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An oriental perfume with a mixture of amber and enveloping notes that takes you on a journey to the heart of the warm lands of the Orient

Arwa - Oud Perfumes Dubai - Oriental Perfumes -25%

The timeless elegance of this fragrance finally culminates in musk, warm vanilla and amber.

$33 $44
Asraar - oud dubai perfumes - oud perfume

An oriental, floral and romantic perfume. Green notes are found mixed with exotic fruits and sandalwood.

Attyab al Oud - Dubai Oud Perfumes - Oud Perfumes

Specializing in oriental fragrances, the Lattafa brand continues to amaze us. In this regard,his new perfume, Atyaab al Oud! You will understand, this unisex perfume is based onagarwood.

Product image Badee al Oud - Oud Perfume Dubai Out
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Badee al oud is the novelty of Lattafa perfumery, which is talking about it on the web. Inindeed, its scent is so exquisite that the world is tearing it apart. 

Badr al Badoor

An original oriental perfume with a unique scent that accompanies you throughout the day.

Bint Hooran

This oriental scent is warm and woody, it represents the oriental olfactory heritage in its splendor.

Blue Oud -20%

Blue Oud is a woody oriental perfume, warm and voluptuous.

$40 $50
Product image Crystal Oud Other
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Crystal Oud is a dynamic and woody oriental fragrance.

Dehn al Oud Samou -25%

An oriental woody and floral fragrance that is very nice.

$33 $44
Diana - oud dubai perfumes - oud perfumes
Product image Divine Oud Oriental Perfumes Oud Perfumes

What if we combined the know-how of Italian perfumery with the exquisite scents ofOriental perfumery.

Ejaazi - oriental perfumes for men -30%

This Ejaazi perfume by Lattafa is an aromatic fern fragrance but with a very strong penchant for the chypre, oriental spicy kind ... A real gem that will surely seduce you.

$35 $49
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Oriental perfumes are as old as the world. Currently, we are witnessing a rediscovery of these fragrances from the Middle East. However, France as the homeland of perfumery has always favored oriental aromas in the design of its perfumes. For information, “Oud and Musk” gives you an exhaustive overview of what perfumes represent in the oriental olfactory heritage.

Oriental Perfumes find their original essence in Oman

Home of the imaginary Sindbad the Sailor, Oman is the epicenter of the famous Frankincense Route. The Boswellia (frankincense) tree is what made the Sultanate's fortune for centuries. The incredible scent of olibanum resin has turned heads of royal courts in Europe.

This woody resin is the foundation of what oriental fragrances represent in the collective European unconscious.

A subtle, sweet, exotic scent. A godsend for countries where the mercury rises easily and where the woody fragrance acts as a refreshing breeze.

This taste for oriental perfumes makes Omani men among the most elegant in the world. Moreover, every morning, the darbousha (pompom falling along the collar) of the traditional garment is carefully scented using the most coveted fragrances.

For example, the famous "kalemat" of the Arabian Oud house is one of the most complete prototypes of what is being designed in the Arabian Peninsula.

We have a lot of Dubai perfumes in our store.

How did Oriental Perfumes find a resounding echo in the world?

Today in the world of haute couture. When we talk about luxury perfumes, we automatically refer to the biggest places in the Muslim world (Doha, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore). The design formulas for its lavish fragrances have been the work of commerce for centuries. Because when we dissect the elements present in oriental fragrances. We realize that the ingredients inherent in the perfume formula have traveled from east to west.

Sandalwood, Kashmir black musk, Damascus rose, Oud wood, Civet, Vetiver… These essential oils obtained by distillation give clear indications of the possible combinations for the development of oriental fragrances.

An identity registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Omani oriental perfumes are the basis of what perfume represents in the Arab world. The Amouage brand is certainly what represents luxury and chic in the sphere of oriental and Arab perfumery. So as not to lose reputation. Paris and the famous perfumeries of Grasse have recovered in their effigy all the voluptuousness of oriental perfumes. And this in order to create soft and powerful perfumes. Indeed, they adapt to Western skin while using strategies and finesse.

If the perfume travels in the world, “Oud and Musk” wishes to bring up to date all the oriental products that you will find in the heart of our online store.

Keep in mind that the primary function of oriental perfumes is to imbue a place with its scent. An ancient practice recognized as cultural heritage.