Sandal oils 

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Santal Rouge

Refined and precious, this red sandalwood oil grown in the East of India is appreciated by the largest perfumers who consider it to be one of the best sandalwood oils in the world.

Santal Blush

Sandalwood Blush is a truly unique woody and spicy scented perfume oil .

Santal Premium

Sandalwood oil is commonly known for its woody and sweet smell and is frequently used as a base for products such as incense, perfumes. 

Golden sandal

This Indian sandalwood oil, premium quality (concentrated perfume oil) represents excellent value for money.

Santal rose

A scent that transports you directly to Orient.

Product image Sandal Oud

Sandal Oud combines two of the most widely used ingredients in the world of perfumery.

Sandalwood oil

A sandalwood oil from India, of superior quality that will give you a lot of pleasure.

Santal de Mysore Sale!

A pure sandalwood oil of rare quality from the Mysore region of India

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items
Sandal oils

Sandalwood oils

Oud and Musk offers you a collection of exceptional sandalwood oils of 
remarkable purity Let yourself be guided in this initiatory journey strewn with palpable 
and singular scents for the duration of a radiance.

Sandalwood oils: a generous scented caress

Sandalwood oils have a sweet, musky and balsamic scent, very lingering, revitalizing and 
comforting. This is why, in the family of essences, sandalwood occupies a 
preponderant place 

It is a hemiparasitic plant, that is to say that it takes advantage of the trees in its 
immediate environment to absorb nutrients, especially nitrogen. 

Sandalwood oils are known in India as Chandan. Moreover, Hindus have been 
using them as a healing remedy since ancient times. 

Indeed, the plant has a transcendent significance in Indian and 
Buddhist ritual practices , and is burned as incense. 

Since ancient times, in India and Egypt, sandalwood has been used as incense and perfume. So 
it was already among the highly prized cosmetic ingredients. 

Thus, ancient civilizations consumed sandalwood oils more than any other 
essence as a special fragrance. 

Either way, the oil is extracted by distillation from freshly cut wood. It grows 
among its fellows in the verdant forests of southwest India and China. 
Sandalwood goes well with most ingredients, and represents the base notes of 
many Western perfumes. 

In fact, it sublimates the smell of the skin, brings suppleness and hydration and removes 
bodily smells .

The properties of sandalwood on the skin are manifold. The oil has in particular 
fungicidal, antiparasitic and healing characteristics. In other words, it soothes the 
skin, tightens the pores, feels soft and toned, and relaxes the muscle system.

How to use our sandalwood oils?

Directly applied to your pulse points, Santal Blush will make you fall in love with its 
gourmet cinnamon. 
Prepare your personalized massage oil with our 100% natural sandalwood. Thanks to its 
succulent smell, this essence will bring you all the relaxation you need.


This product is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Not compatible with 
anxiolytic treatment. Avoid its application in people likely to generate 
allergic reactions.