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Poudre de Santal Rouge

Sandalwood powder is known for its innumerable benefits as well as cosmetics that as incense.

Bois de santal

Sandalwood in real burn like Bakhour, to embalm your houses with precious scents of Asia ...

Sandalwood (chips)

Sandalwood to burn like incense, to purify your pieces ...

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Sandalwood Powder to burn like Bakhour, to embalm your house with precious scents of Asia ...

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Sandalwood is one of those noble and pleasant materials to work with. All 
sandalwood manufacturers will tell you: better to perfume the ax that strikes you!

Focus on sandalwood  

Sandalwood is a type of tree that is very widespread in Australia, Nepal, 
New Caledonia and India. As such, it is one of the most 
important Indian productions in the country, so it has a special place.

In addition, Hindus use it in establishing their religious rituals. Thus, they 
make it into sandalwood incense that they burn in their ceremonies. As for the wood itself, it is 
used in the preparation of crematoriums for the corpses of Hindus, especially the rich. 
It seems that the Egyptians, too, knew about sandalwood, and did 
not fail to use it. 

It consists of a substance called santol, which is the source of sandalwood oil. To 
tell the truth , it is this juice which is responsible for the delightful odor which this wood enjoys. 

Sandalwood is a quality ingredient that enriches cosmetics that contain it. In addition, 
the carpentry industry uses its wood for making furniture, which 
is very expensive. 

Indeed, these furnishings are considered to be of superior quality and are accompanied 
by a delicious, velvety and warm scent. 

In India temples while sandalwood have even emerged and have retained their scent for 

Sandalwood is not only a blessing for the home, it is also a blessing for the 
body! Hence, its hydration for the skin and its action against the signs of aging when it is 
in oil.

Lastly, it helps treat acne and prevent annoying pimples from appearing when 
mixed with turmeric.  

How to use sandalwood?

Sandalwood can be used in a number of ways in your daily beauty routine. Mix 
some sandalwood powder with turmeric and rose water. 
Apply this lotion to the face and hands and let it dry before bathing. 
Regular use of this recipe will give your skin a satin appearance.


This product is not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. 
Not recommended for people prone to eczema and other skin diseases. 
Contraindicated with the taking of anxiolytics.