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  • Special Oud - Arabian Oud
    Special Oud - Arabian Oud

    Special Oud is a fragrance made by Arabian Oud.

    140,00 €
  • Oud Orchid
    Oud Orchid

    Oud Orchid is a woody, oriental and warm perfume.

    35,00 €
  • White Copal
    White Copal

    Copal is an incense resin from Bureseru microphylla, which has a very...

    9,00 €
  • White Patchouli
    White Patchouli

    An attractive, sweet and flowery scent which is added to our collection.

    15,00 €




Shop premium quality agarwood chips online for your health benefits. We bring agarwood chips from Assam, India, Thailand and more country grade for customers.

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  • Oud oils

    Oud oil is considered to be the most precious oil in the world, and Oudandmusk is the right place to avail it. This oil is extracted from Agar tree, and it has a fragrant resin, which is known for a number of health benefits. Owing over 500 hectares of this agarwood plantation, Oudandmusk is confident enough to distribute the most premium quality oud oil. It is used in aromatic, cosmetic, incense and medicinal application.

    The smell is perception altering, mood changing and evocative. Our oud oil is completely natural and is very difficult to source since it Aquilaria trees are limited in number. Its exotic and complex fragrance is heady and takes you to a completely new world.

  • Oud Perfumes

    At Oudandmusk, our experts manufacture premium quality and luxury agarwood perfumes to cater to the needs of international clients.

    Being unique and pure in quality, our perfumes enjoy a good demand in the market. You can use it for festive occasions, religious occasions as well as for a variety of rituals. We not only make high quality perfumes, but also present it elegantly.

    You can avail Super Grade perfumes in this category. We make constant improvements in our perfumes so as to increase their shelf life, longevity, purity and fragrance.

    The raw materials that we use are sourced from renowned suppliers based internationally, therefore allowing us to maintain quality standards.

  • Agarwood Chips

    Oudandmusk is instrumental in manufacturing as well as supplying supreme quality Agarwood chips. They are famous for spicy aroma and they have that capability of leaving you enchanted. Mainly, these chips are derived from Agarwood slabs.

    Our company is capable of meeting bulk orders and provides timely delivery within the given timeframe. Oudandmusk is engaged in providing high quality chips which is considered to a black wood. You are going to love its aroma and oily nature.

    All kinds of agarwood chips are manufactured by us in different sizes such as 3 grams, 6 grams and 10 grams. However, if you want to exchange or return the product, you can do it within 14 days.

    Our professionals are well-versed with distillation, processing and cultivation of agarwood and this gives us a good reputation in the market.

  • Agarwood Incense

    One of the most revered and ancient incense ingredients, agarwood is termed as aloeswood and oud too. It is an aromatic and dark resin wood which is found in Aetoxylon, Gyrinops and Aquilaria trees. Buy agarwood incense from us and soak in its wild fragrance. However, at Oudandmusk, our fragrances differ a lot as per the region, age of the tree as well as the skills of the oil distiller.

    You are going to cherish these shadowy fruity, earthy and woody notes with hints of intoxicating musk. Typically, Agarwood is very aromatic and strong and is famous as being masculine. This intoxicating and ethereal fragrance is surely going to make you fall in love with it.

  • Solide Oud Perfume
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Showing 1 - 12 of 112 items