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African Oud New

A very interesting woody fragrance based on oud which gives off very deep scents.

25,00 €
Agarwood Assam

Unusual and exotic, this real souvage oud wood from the mountains of Assam and after the tree Aquillaria agalocha

45,00 €
Bois de Oud Burmese

A natural, resinous agarwood with warm notes.

25,00 €
Bois de oud de papouasie grade A

Superb Agarwood (Oud) wild species Aquilaria filaria from Papua Island.

22,00 €
Bois de oud thailande AA

An agarwood grade AA  with spicy top notes, sweet and fruity, giving way to notes of tobacco ....

20,00 €
Bois de Oud Indonesie

An incense from Indonesia this archipelago of islands which is full of jungles and which has a large variety of different agarwoods.

15,00 €
Agarwood Indonesia Super Merauke

A natural agarwood that comes from the Kalimantan region.

30,00 €
Agarwood Laos grade AA

Super agarwood rich in oud oil with woody aroma and strong.

20,00 €
Bois de Oud Nord Thailande

A natural, resinous agarwood with strong and woody smell

25,00 €
Agarwood Prachin Thailand

A natural, resinous agarwood with spicy and woody notes

25,00 €
Bois de Oud Sinai grade 1 Out
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Agarwood from Indonesia wooded and coniferous which is a good choice for all.

17,00 €
Bois de Oud Sinai grade 2 New

An agarwood from Indonesia with a woody smell is very nice. For starters it's a good product.

14,00 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 112 items