Branded Musk

How about a masterpiece addition to your collection of fragrances? Something which creates a style statement for you and allow you to attract everyone around? MUSK DE MUMTAZ from OUD AND MUSK is the specially created fragrance to fulfill all the needs and fragrance requirements of men who desire natural scents, clear and fresh to last long all day. Even after your busy schedule, travel and rounds and rounds of the meeting, the fragrance will accompany you in your all-day practices. Just a little to apply and this will keep you fresh and the mood is always light and comfortable. The top notes sweet, fine and harmoniously mixed with balsamic scents. The heart of the fragrance notes includes warm and sweet chords of vanilla and honeysuckle added to the musky scents and slightly fruity that illuminate the whole. Finally, the basic balsamic, floral, amber and musky notes are responsible for its elegant, mentholated, light and welcoming final scent with lasting clarity. There are several reasons for including the MUSK DE MUMTAZ in your favorites list. All the perfumes from OUD AND MUSK comes at an affordable cost and thus is made for all. You can easily make your own chain of perfumes in your wardrobe and can allure everyone around with different fragrances every day. The right perfume is the right showcase of your personality, one should be very particular about using which one on what occasion. Try out this MUSK DE MUMTAZ and take a dive into this elegant and delicate beauty.