Around Oud Oils

An enchanted and exciting experience awaits the bearer of our latest addition to our design fragrance oils ... Mixtures Eastern perfume oils around agarwood, giving fantastic scents of designs ...

Around Oud Oils 

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African Oud

A very interesting woody fragrance based on oud which gives off very deep scents.

25,00 €
Product image Amber Oud

The Amber Oud composition is amazing and unique from lemon and geranium, mixed with pink pepper and incense resin.

6,00 €
Product image Aoud Forest Other
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A woody and durable oud oil that has earthy and really pleasant notes

15,00 €
Product image Aoud Mix

An assembly of 17 raw materials to redraw the agarwood, combined with rose and incense.

6,00 €
Product image Black oudh

A magnificent oud-based fragrance of Cambodia blended with Indonesian patchouli over a combination of mandarin, musk and rose petals.

6,00 €
Product image Dehn al Wood

A woody and slightly sweet oud oil that lasts on the skin. 

15,00 €
Product image Indian Ood Blend

A rich, woody, smoky aroma with a hint of sweetness. Typical fragrance characteristic of Dahnul ood.

7,50 €
Product image Indian Oud Civet

An amazing  composition.

17,50 €
Product image Kabul Oud

Kabul Oud is a perfume oil from the Gulf countries.

6,00 €
Product image Khadija Oud

8,33 €
Product image Khashab Al Oud

It is a classic Arabic perfume oil that combines ancient culture with modern sensibility.

10,00 €
Product image Khashaf  Oud

A spicy and resinous oud oil that softens over the minutes to become very pleasant.

12,00 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 58 items