Women's Perfumes 

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24 Degree

Surrati has developed and mastered the art of creating refined and oriented scents mixed with rare and luxurious materials.

32,00 €
Product image Anfas al Ward

Anfas al Ward is an oriental perfume made around the rose.

55,00 €
Blue Oud

Blue Oud is a woody oriental perfume, warm and voluptuous.

45,00 €
Product image Crystal Oud

Crystal Oud is a dynamic and woody oriental fragrance.

45,00 €
Iconic Oudh

Iconic Oud is a woody oriental perfume, sweet and greedy.

45,00 €
Product image Khas Oud Icona

Khas Oud Icona is a perfume that evokes freedom and joy.

89,99 €
Product image Khashab al oud

This perfume made from agarwood will delight more than a lover of agar wood (Oud wood) ... A sweet scent, woody, sweet, spicy ... And that lasts very long!

37,90 €
Lulutal Bahrain - Asgharali

Lulutal Bahrain is an oriental perfume very sweet and warm.

69,99 €
Mafatin - Musk al Oud

This perfume promises you a trip to the east. He combines luxury and voluptuousness, leaving behind a woody and slightly spicy trail.

40,00 €
Matafin Musk al Hareer

A beautiful musk-based scent that blends perfectly with a majestic rose and a vibrant cedar note. 

40,00 €
Product image Mukhallat Sharqia

Mukhallat Sharqia by Ard Al Zaafaran is an oriental fragrance with woody and floral notes.

29,17 €
Musk Mood

A perfume that is a real treat made by the perfumery house Lattafa.

45,00 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 28 items