Women's Perfumes 

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24 Degree - Oriental Perfume Other
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Surrati has developed and mastered the art of creating refined and oriented scents mixed with rare and luxurious materials.

Product image Adeeb - Lattafa - Oud Perfumes Dubai

Amateur of original and surprising scents? The Adeeb perfume is surelythe most original scent that you will not be able to smell. Both elegant and expressive, itsunique fragrance will allow you to stand out. But above all, to mark the spirits.

Product image Anfas Oud - Oud perfume - Oriental Perfumes

An oriental perfume with a mixture of amber and enveloping notes that takes you on a journey to the heart of the warm lands of the Orient

Areej dubai perfume oriental perfumes

A magnificent perfume with sweet fruity and woody oriental scents.

Asraar - oud dubai perfumes - oud perfume

An oriental, floral and romantic perfume. Green notes are found mixed with exotic fruits and sandalwood.

Attyab al Oud - Dubai Oud Perfumes - Oud Perfumes

Specializing in oriental fragrances, the Lattafa brand continues to amaze us. In this regard,his new perfume, Atyaab al Oud! You will understand, this unisex perfume is based onagarwood.

Product image Badee al Oud - Oud Perfume Dubai

Badee al oud is the novelty of Lattafa perfumery, which is talking about it on the web. Inindeed, its scent is so exquisite that the world is tearing it apart. 

Bint Hooran

This oriental scent is warm and woody, it represents the oriental olfactory heritage in its splendor.

Blue Oud

Blue Oud is a woody oriental perfume, warm and voluptuous.

Product image Crystal Oud

Crystal Oud is a dynamic and woody oriental fragrance.

Product image Divine Oud Oriental Perfumes Oud Perfumes

What if we combined the know-how of Italian perfumery with the exquisite scents ofOriental perfumery.

Faouz - Oriental Perfumes - Oud Perfumes

It is an opulent and suave oriental perfume for women.

Fazza oriental perfumes oud perfume dubai Out
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An oriental perfume that is both masculine or feminine and sweet that will make some people fall back into childhood with its sparkle and gourmet notes.

Ghenwa oriental perfumes

Although its packaging is rather feminine, its smell will highlight bothmen than women.

Product image Khas Oud Topaz - Oud Perfumes Dubai

A perfume as impressive as its presentation that will bring you warmth and intensity.

Product image Khashab al oud - Oud Perfume - Oriental Perfumes Other
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This perfume made from agarwood will delight more than a lover of agar wood (Oud wood) ... A sweet scent, woody, sweet, spicy ... And that lasts very long!

Khashab al Oud - Oud Perfumes

Khashab al Oud is a perfume made from oud as the name suggests.

Lail Maleki Oriental Perfume Oud Perfume

At Oud and Musk, discover the perfume Lail malaki, from Lattafa Perfumes. Launched in2018, this oriental and amber fragrance is very little known in the West.

Maali Other
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Thara - Oriental Perfume - Arabic Perfume

Although the Arab perfume Thara is no longer to be presented in the Middle East… We nevertheless had to introduce you to this unparalleled fragrance.

Fakhar Oud - Perfumes Dubai - Oriental Perfumes

Addicts of bewitching scents will be delighted to discover the Fakhar perfume. Thisoriental fragrance arrives at your house, and you will not be disappointed!

Mafatin - Musk al Oud

This perfume promises you a trip to the east. He combines luxury and voluptuousness, leaving behind a woody and slightly spicy trail.

Marya - Oriental Perfumes Women

This oriental perfume is very pleasant.

Maya - Oud Perfumes Dubai - Oriental Perfumes Other
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A breathtaking oriental fragrance Its royal wake will betray your passage and remind you of your presence.

Showing 1 - 24 of 55 items
Women's Perfumes

Oriental Perfumes for Women

At Oud and Musk, discover exceptional feminine fragrances.
Indeed, we have expressly brought together the most elegant women's perfumes.
Thus, it is easy to succumb to their mysterious, sparkling or even seductive temperament.
according to your mood… Do not hesitate any longer, choose the one that will make you even more irresistible

Oriental perfumes for Women: when the Orient invites itself to your

Women's perfumes have been created thanks to a very particular know-how.
These sensual bouquets are, in fact, made by great perfumers who have a
excellent sense of composition.
Thus, these aromatic substances have the power to embody femininity wonderfully. this
with the help of their trail that is both attractive and pleasantly surprising.
These oriental elixirs are the marriage of a multitude of precious aromas selected with
finesse. This is why they manage to capsize souls and bewitch hearts so quickly.
In addition, their packaging is genuinely distinguished and has been created with a view to not
leave no one indifferent.
Moreover, these delicious essences reveal all their splendor on contact with your skin,
and for a long time.

The unique combinations of our oriental Perfumes for Women

Our oriental fragrances for Women have olfactory notes ranging from the great classic to the most
bold. And also from the most delicate to the most intense.
Thus, this luxurious choice allows you to find the rare pearl that best reflects your

So charm your senses with bewitching floral, fruity, woody scents, or even
spicy. And, depending on the time of day, let yourself be caressed by musky or
well amber, among others.

Oriental perfumes for women: a truly carnal ritual

So create your own exquisite routine with our fragrances for Women.
Perfume yourself at any time of the day, or on a special occasion. Spray your
outfit, your neck, your wrists and even your hair so as not to leave anyone unmoved.
To know: We know how difficult it is to choose a perfume without having smelled it
previously. This is why we provide you with various samples for your