Agarwood Chips 

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Agarwood Assam

Unusual and exotic, this real souvage oud wood from the mountains of Assam and after the tree Aquillaria agalocha

Bois de Oud Burmese

A natural, resinous agarwood with warm notes.

Agarwood cambodi Triple Super

This agarwood is a proud addition to our existing collection.

Agarwood Cambodi Underwater

This very special agarwood is of rare quality.

Bois de oud de papouasie grade A

Superb Agarwood (Oud) wild species Aquilaria filaria from Papua Island.

Agarwood Indonesia Super Merauke Out
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A natural agarwood that comes from the Kalimantan region.

Agarwood Laos grade AA Out
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Super agarwood rich in oud oil with woody aroma and strong.

Bois de Oud Nord Thailande

A natural, resinous agarwood with strong and woody smell

Agarwood Prachin Thailand Out
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A natural, resinous agarwood with spicy and woody notes

Bois de Oud Sinai grade 1 Out
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Agarwood from Indonesia wooded and coniferous which is a good choice for all.

Bois de Oud Sinai grade 2 Out
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An agarwood from Indonesia with a woody smell is very nice. For starters it's a good product.

Agarwood Thailand Trat grade AAA

An agarwood from the Trat region of thailand.

Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items
Agarwood Chips

Oudandmusk is instrumental in manufacturing as well as supplying supreme quality Agarwood chips. They are famous for spicy aroma and they have that capability of leaving you enchanted. Mainly, these chips are derived from Agarwood slabs.

Our company is capable of meeting bulk orders and provides timely delivery within the given timeframe. Oudandmusk is engaged in providing high quality chips which is considered to a black wood. You are going to love its aroma and oily nature.

All kinds of agarwood chips are manufactured by us in different sizes such as 3 grams, 6 grams and 10 grams. However, if you want to exchange or return the product, you can do it within 14 days.

Our professionals are well-versed with distillation, processing and cultivation of agarwood and this gives us a good reputation in the market.