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Amwaaj al Oud Other
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Amwaaj al Oud is a perfume from Lattafa Perfumes launched in 2016.

Product image Khalis oudi

Khalis Oudi (Pure Oud) by Lattafa Parfums is an oriental fragrance.

Product image Khashab al oud

This perfume made from agarwood will delight more than a lover of agar wood (Oud wood) ... A sweet scent, woody, sweet, spicy ... And that lasts very long!

Khusalat al Oud - Al Haramain

Come to the richness, come to the purest. Khulasat Al Oud is designed for those lovers of pure oud. 

Product image Malaysia Oudh

A fragrance based on Malaysian agarwood that will surprise more than one ...

Product image Oud al Lail

Oud Al Lail by Ahlaam is a woody oriental scent that offers bright chords. 

Product image Oud Al Turas Out
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Oud Al Turas, a perfume purely composed of high quality materials coming from here and elsewhere

Product image Oud Kambodi -10%
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Oud Kambodi is one of the most popular perfumes from Ard al Zaafaran.

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Product image Oud sharqia

Oud Sharqia represents strength with a persistent odor on woody notes of agarwood ...

Oud sultan

Oud Sultan is a beautiful oriental fragrance with woody notes of agarwood in perfect harmony with the floral and spicy scents ...

Rooh al oud Out
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Rooh al oud starts with peppery notes that quickly become hot and spicy, leaving room for cinnamon. There is also a sweet and woody side.

Safeer al oud Other
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A distinct fragrance that has been specially made with the precious agarwood.

Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items
Oud Perfumes

At Oudandmusk, our experts manufacture premium quality and luxury agarwood perfumes to cater to the needs of international clients.

Being unique and pure in quality, our perfumes enjoy a good demand in the market. You can use it for festive occasions, religious occasions as well as for a variety of rituals. We not only make high quality perfumes, but also present it elegantly.

You can avail Super Grade perfumes in this category. We make constant improvements in our perfumes so as to increase their shelf life, longevity, purity and fragrance.

The raw materials that we use are sourced from renowned suppliers based internationally, therefore allowing us to maintain quality standards.