Oud Perfumes 

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Product image Oudh al Qamar

The Oudh al qamar perfume, a sublime fragrance from the Orient. Both traditional andmodern, it is one of the most popular and most appreciated perfumes of the brand Oudh alAnfar!

Product image Parfum Oudh al badar

Oudh al badar perfume, a majestic oriental fragrance, in a sublime bottlegold color !

Product image Sheikh al oud

A hot, exotic and spicy fragrance made around the precious agarwood.

Product image Parfum Ancient Oud Other
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Product image Oud Al Turas - Oud Perfume - Oriental Perfumes Other
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Oud Al Turas, a perfume purely composed of high quality materials coming from here and elsewhere

Oud sultan Other
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Oud Sultan is a beautiful oriental fragrance with woody notes of agarwood in perfect harmony with the floral and spicy scents ...

Safeer al oud

A distinct fragrance that has been specially made with the precious agarwood.

Product image Khalis oudi

Khalis Oudi (Pure Oud) by Lattafa Parfums is an oriental fragrance.

Product image Oud sharqia - Oud Perfume - Oriental Perfumes

Oud Sharqia represents strength with a persistent odor on woody notes of agarwood ...

Khusalat al Oud - Al Haramain Other
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Come to the richness, come to the purest. Khulasat Al Oud is designed for those lovers of pure oud. 

Khashab Al Oud White Classic Other
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Khasab Al Oud, as the name suggests is a perfume spray oud (agarwood), a reference of oriental perfumery!

Product image Oud Kambodi

Oud Kambodi is one of the most popular perfumes from Ard al Zaafaran.

Very Oud
Product image Khashab al oud - Oud Perfume - Oriental Perfumes

This perfume made from agarwood will delight more than a lover of agar wood (Oud wood) ... A sweet scent, woody, sweet, spicy ... And that lasts very long!

Iconic Oudh

Iconic Oud is a woody oriental perfume, sweet and greedy.

Amwaaj al Oud Other
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Amwaaj al Oud is a perfume from Lattafa Perfumes launched in 2016.

Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items
Oud Perfumes

Oud and Musk is also a specially designed collection of tailor-made oud perfumes from exotic scents made from oud wood. Nevertheless, it is always possible to have exceptional perfumes based on the same aroma while differentiating the nuances and characters.

And this is characteristic of oriental perfumery. To know how to combine floral, wood, incense or fruit notes to offer new olfactory flavors.

Suddenly, it is quite possible to design perfumes based on oud wood without these looking alike.

So, in this case, what does the oud perfume category offer.

Our Asian selections made from oud wood

The oud wood is indeed native to the countries of Southeast Asia. For more than three millennia, it has held an essential place in the world of traditional perfumery and spirituality.

Burn  oud wood  in Asia. It is ideally smoke his living space and release a pleasant smell on his body and his clothes. 

It is also the distinctive scent note typical of this region of the world. 

Oud Kambodi and Malaysia Oud are the most objective emanations with extraordinary oud wood scents and exceptional Asian floral notes.

Oud wood in its oriental form

You are well aware that agarwood is an emblematic oud perfume of oriental and Middle Eastern perfumery. Although the birthplace of aloe can be found on the other side of the Indian Ocean. It is commercial relationships dating back more than five centuries that are at the origin of the use of oud wood in the Arabian Peninsula.

Just like the spice trade between India and the West, the eastern world is a gateway where all exotic products pass without hindrance.

And it is exactly this reasoning that makes Dubai a cultural place of choice between East and West. Moreover, it is not insignificant if this financial center of the Persian Gulf constitutes the place of predilection and communication of oriental perfumery.

It is by following this exact reasoning that oud wood in Arab perfumery takes on its full meaning.

The most concrete illustration at the heart of our online store would be the highlighting of the perfume “Oud Al Layl”, in fact recalling the tales of the Thousand and One Nights.

It blends the hot days of the desert climate with the coolness of nightfall. In this case, this scent of oud wood mixes the warmth of Indian saffron with the sweetness of rose and the fresh notes of oud wood. 

A fragrance with a strong identity that soothes and reveals the exoticism, modesty and sensuality of the Middle East.

Behave like a sultan with sublime scents

In all humility, there is nothing haughty or tyrannical about behaving like a sultan. The presence of the governors of the East is characterized by love for their people, mutual respect and above all a taste for good chic.

This is, moreover, the image that our oud wood perfumes exude at the heart of our online business. Indeed, the typically oriental packaging and vials bring their exotic touch. Already gives an idea of ​​the olfactory nobility released by the flavors of oud wood mixed with musk and incense.

A whole cocktail typical of the Red Sea valleys passing through the cool oases of the peninsular deserts.

Because if France represents the homeland of haute couture. The first emanations of perfumery go back well to Antiquity and to the exploitation of the sap of olibanum wood.

The exploitation of wood in perfumery: an ancient custom

As stated previously, wood in perfumery is an oriental story whose adventure begins in Asia and the Middle East. Because if oud or sandalwood are typical of Southeast Asia. Lebanese Cedarwood or Omani incense represent Arab identity.

Certainly the olfactory notes of their inaccessible perfumes, there was a time in the West, made the wealth of many merchants.

It goes without saying that oud wood, like its woody co-religionists, has brought a revival in world perfumery. Nevertheless, since ancient times, these aromas were a privilege for Chinese emperors and Arab emirs.

Oud fragrance and fruity flavors

In oriental perfumery, it is possible to achieve with daring and ingenuity impressive olfactory combinations. And the master perfumers take years to arrive at a clear and definitive result.

Thus, it is quite likely to travel the world to conquer new flavors. This is how oud wood, for example, can be combined with coconut to offer an even more pronounced freshness.

But also by playing on Mediterranean flavors by juxtaposing citrus fruits or flowers typical of the oldest shopping area in the world. The purpose is always the same: to give identity and meaning to perfumes while using base notes made from oud wood.

How to ideally choose your Oud perfume?

Within this department there are twelve eau de parfum made from oud wood. Of course, the list of ingredients defined in the product sheets can give consumers a roadmap and ideas.

Nonetheless, the oud wood fragrance should reflect your identity or at least be akin to your skin style.

Suddenly, you will have to decide to know if a fragrance will immediately stick to your style. So check carefully the floral notes present in each of our perfumes.

If certain substances are too hot for you. So be sure to redirect yourself to more discreet tastes whose wake would be more timid.

The oriental oud perfume is a beauty in its own right, be demanding and impartial in your choice.