Men's Perfumes 

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Product image Raghba - oriental perfumes - oud perfumes

This oriental perfume is very sweet. It is built around the Oud and Vanilla.

Ameer al Oud - Oud Perfume

An oriental fragrance with oud wood that will delight lovers of woody scents.

Oud Orchid - Oud Perfumes - Oriental Perfumes

Oud Orchid is a woody, oriental and warm perfume.

Shay Oud- Oriental Perfumes

Shay Oud is an oriental woody perfume made from oud and musk.

Product image Mukhallat Sharqia

Mukhallat Sharqia by Ard Al Zaafaran is an oriental fragrance with woody and floral notes.

Product image Parfum Ancient Oud

Awaken your senses through an alliance of harmoniously chosen notes. The perfumeAncient oud Private Edition will dress your skin perfectly whether you are aman or woman...

Product image Oudh al Qamar

The Oudh al qamar perfume, a sublime fragrance from the Orient. Both traditional andmodern, it is one of the most popular and most appreciated perfumes of the brand Oudh alAnfar!

Khashab al Oud - Oud Perfumes

Khashab al Oud is a perfume made from oud as the name suggests.

Product image Oud al Sahraa

The perfume Oud Al Sahraa comes from the collection of "Grands Crus" of the perfume houseBERDOUES. Its evocative name suggests an oriental scent, promising usmake travel.

Product image Oud lail Maleki Oud Perfumes Oriental Perfumes

You know, Oud and Musk likes to find you rare and inaccessible perfumes. It's thecase of Oud Lail malaki eau de parfum, from Lattafa Perfumes.

Product image Ejaazi - oriental perfumes for men

This Ejaazi perfume by Lattafa is an aromatic fern fragrance but with a very strong penchant for the chypre, oriental spicy kind ... A real gem that will surely seduce you.

Product image Parfum Oudh al badar

Oudh al badar perfume, a majestic oriental fragrance, in a sublime bottlegold color !

Product image Just Oud

A sweet and woody oriental perfume with both fruity notes.

Dehn al Oud Samou Other
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An oriental woody and floral fragrance that is very nice.

Product image Aristocratic Oud Perfume

An incredible and explosive fragrance that has a deep trail. A perfume that will appeal to both women and men.

Product image Oud Al Qamar Black

A woody and long-lasting fragrance for lovers of oud and oriental scents.

Product image Parfum Ancient Oud Other
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Product image Sheikh al oud

A hot, exotic and spicy fragrance made around the precious agarwood.

Lail Maleki Oriental Perfume Oud Perfume Other
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At Oud and Musk, discover the perfume Lail malaki, from Lattafa Perfumes. Launched in2018, this oriental and amber fragrance is very little known in the West.

Product image Oud Al Turas - Oud Perfume - Oriental Perfumes Other
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Oud Al Turas, a perfume purely composed of high quality materials coming from here and elsewhere

Opulent Oud

Opulent Oud is an incredible perfume that will appeal to woody scents lovers.

Oud sultan Other
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Oud Sultan is a beautiful oriental fragrance with woody notes of agarwood in perfect harmony with the floral and spicy scents ...

Product image Oud Sultan Other
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This oriental scent possesses a subtle, seductive composition that reveals the splendid olfactory character of its chords.

Oud Combodi Khas

An intense and sweet Oud Cambodi that reminds the oud oil from Cambodia and all its depth.

Product image Sweet Oud oriental perfumes - oud perfumes Dubai

Sweet Oud is a woody oriental fragrance that is made from agarwood.

Oudy Woody Other
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A strong perfume made from Oud which is distinguished by its character.

Product image Ana Abiyad Leather oriental perfumes

Oriental perfumes are, for some, perfumes with notes of oriental flowers andsweet spices. These are fresh and light fragrances that provide softness.

Safeer al oud Other
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A distinct fragrance that has been specially made with the precious agarwood.

Saaram - oud perfume Dubai - oriental perfumes

Travel with just one spray. the irresistible effect of this oriental perfume and its elegant and sensual allure. Its oriental wake will make people jealous.

Midnight Oud

The Midnight Oud Eau de Parfum is one of the famous and popular fragrances of world-renowned perfume maker Ard al Zaafaran.

Product image Ana Abiyad oriental perfumes musk perfume

Here is one of the most popular oriental perfumes made from white musk.

Oud Mood Reminiscence - Oriental Perfumes

An oriental scent and hot to the delight of lovers of oud and musk. 

Maali New
Al Ameer - oud perfume Dubai - oriental perfumes

An oriental perfume with a warm and spicy trail.

Showing 1 - 36 of 65 items
Men's Perfumes

Oriental Perfumes for Men

Among our selection of men's perfumes there are many essentials. 
Here are elixirs with a daring masculine character that are far from leaving you indifferent… 
So join in this exceptional olfactory spectacle!

Oriental fragrances for Men inspired by major brands

Men's fragrances from Oud and Musk are truly iconic. Indeed, these 
wonders have the power to make you even more desirable. 
Carefully crafted by world-renowned perfume houses, 
each of these creations is truly authentic.

In fact, these oriental-influenced works arouse our curiosity thanks to 
really subtle scent combinations. In addition, we would like to highlight their packaging, each as magnificent and original as the next. Plus, we have equally luxurious looking samples so you can try out which one you like.

What do we find in our oriental fragrances for Men?

At the heart of these Men's fragrances are intense and delicious notes. 
These Arabic perfumes quickly envelop you in a cloud of scent based on Oud or 
musk. The tasty atmosphere that is then created around you can also make the scents of vanilla 
dance . 
Or woody and fruity touches, and many more! 
In addition, these fragrances are largely capable of delighting you for many 
months. And this on any occasion according to your selection…

Beautify your daily life with oriental fragrances for men

Wearing perfume has been a well-known art for a long time. Today, thanks to 
timeless men's fragrances, you have the power to do it with class! 
Just choose the ones that make you vibrate and spray them on your outfit. 
Do not hesitate to put some behind your ears, on your hair and your wrists, this by 
tapping gently. Finally, you will leave a trail of good smell right behind you! 
Have some flair, so have fun!