Oud Oils Attar 

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Dehn Al Oud Al jazaab

A refined blend of Indian and Cambodian oud, Attar Oud Al Jazaab provides an intense and complex woody fragrance...

Dehn Al oudh attar

This dehn al oud is the reminiscence of the aroma found in the Indian agarwood oils.

Attar Oud Assam

This oil Oud attar from India to a more or less thick robe, distilled from a young wood young Oud.

Oud Malasi

A strong, woody oud oil that stands out with its sweet and gentle notes of vanilla, almond and caramel. A true olfactory journey into Asian forests.

Product image Oud Attar

Oud attar is an Indian agar wood oil, it has a pleasant woody fragrance for men and is taken from Agarwood (oudh / Aloeswood).

Oud Shaz

A strong and deep oud oil with resinous notes that lasts a long time on the skin.

Oud Oil attar Cambodia Out
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A little "backyard" at first, this opening quickly gives way to soft leather smell and smoke soft agar wood

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A heavily wooded and deep Indian Oud oil.

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items
Oud Oils Attar

Agarwood Attar by Oudandmusk is made from natural agarwood and has a woody masculine fragrance. It is also termed as Oudh Aloeswood and is considered to be the most expensive one. Our Agarwood attar has a deep, potent, musky and earthy aroma and blends well with all oils, to provide transcendent, woody, balancing and purifying qualities.

Our Agarwood attar consists of Bisabolone Oxide A, Bisabolol Oxide B and Chamazulene. Be sure while purchasing from us because our oil is pure and there are no chemical residues in it. You can use it for 3 purposes i.e. as incense, perfume and medicine.

Since the resource is extinct, the cost is very high and you will rarely find it in the market; but not to worry as we have sufficient stock of the same.