Amber Oils 

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Ambre gris

At first sight this amber has a bitter odor which will change by refining itself over the minutes and which becomes suave, very pleasant

Oud Amber Ajmal - Perfume Oil

A perfume oil from the famous brand Ajmal that combines oud and amber.

Ambery shamama

Ambery Shamama, a beautiful and rich earthy smell of natural and which is prepared by the process of distillation of saffron ...

Shamamatul amber

The Shamamat Amber Attar is obtained by a method of ancestral distillation.

Ambre Gris Royal

This amber gray oil is subtle, naturally wood.Its dress is a very light yellow with a thick texture ... .


This Amber is a light oil, earthy and fruity ... His dress is long and refined fragrance is very popular in the East.

Amber musky

A perfume oil, Warm, woody amber, infused into the Musk.

Product image Amber Oud

The Amber Oud composition is amazing and unique from lemon and geranium, mixed with pink pepper and incense resin.

Amber Oud Super

An exceptional amber oil wich is long lasting.

Turkish Amber oil

A prestigious amber with a thick texture which will be astonishing by its hold and its depth.

Ambre royal ( qualitée supérieur )

An Amber superior who exudes a resinous smell and rough as amateurs and connoisseurs will appreciate Amber.

Shamamatul Amber Gold

This first quality Amber Shamamatul is made using an ancestral distillation method.

Amber Blend oriental perfume oil

Beautiful oriental perfume oil composed around amber which is soft and warm.

Amber Rose

The Roses have been delicately soaked in amber, underlined by a hint of Iranian saffron

Premium Amber

An amber of rare quality exclusive to Oud and Musk.

Ambre blanc Out
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Royal Amber Out
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A real nugget available to you, a masterpiece of nature.

Showing 1 - 19 of 19 items
Amber Oils

Amber oil

A pure amber oil extracted from nature, representing in its heart candor and
true luxury . An original and refined finished product, it is the culmination of an oil that offers a
unique and exceptional experience.

Amber oil, a natural gem

A modern collection of amber oils, whose notes draw from the depths of
oriental nature.

Discover the true meaning of the purity of amber oil, which our generations have inherited with
love and passion.

This assortment gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with different amber oils,
designed with quality and professionalism.
Amber is certainly one of the most interesting and
universal raw materials for perfume .

This waxy substance, created in the digestive tract of about 1% of whales, is expelled
as a black mass.

In its original state, it is largely useless to perfumers, as it has a very
strong smell . However, as the sun, air and salt water begin to mix together, it
becomes a rock mass.

Then, as it solidifies and ages, it gives off its musky, woody, sweet, clean and
animal scent . The very one that is known as one of the best essential and
most complex ingredients in perfumery. The older it is, the more precious it becomes.
In the realm of rare materials, petrified tree resin known as
Baltic amber is present.

The resin is part of the tree's immune system which protects it against infection
when it is punctured.

Various types of resins from different trees are widely used in perfumery,
agarwood is an epic example.

This valuable resin soaked in blends of essential oils, brings the
warm amber accord to millions of fans.

How to use amber oil?

To smell good all day long, there are areas on the body that should be favored. To do
this, put amber oil behind the ears, up to the neck. You can also
put it on the wrists or in the crook of the arms.


Keep amber oil in a dry place at room temperature, avoid contact with
eyes. Keep out of the reach of children.