Musk Oil 

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Al madinah musk

Al Madinah  is a delicate and sweet musk.

Amber musky

A perfume oil, Warm, woody amber, infused into the Musk.

Attar Musk Out
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Attar musk has a very exotic, musky and woody scent, which smells like musk nafa.

Product image Black musk original

A powerful natural musk in perfumes, with a pungent top notes that fades after a while to leave a sweet smell fresh and flowery ..

Musc Tonkin Other
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A very rare and precious deer musk.

Product image Egyptian Musk

This Egyptian musk with woody accords on sweet and floral notes is a fresh and luminous perfume oil of a rare quality.

Product image Gazala Musk

This musk Ghazala is a very strong perfume oil, sharp and powerful.

Ghazal Musk

Musk extract (deer musk), purplish color, smooth and creamy to the touch, it has been a key component in many perfumes since its discovery

Green musk

This natural musk is soft and fresh. It is a combination of amber, tonka bean and labdanum smooth, offering a warm and attractive wake.

Hajar al aswad musk

Hajar al aswad which means "black stone" is a black musk oil oriental perfume oudh al anfar

Product image Indian Oud Civet Out
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An amazing  composition.

Kasmiri Musk Out
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Kashmiri Musk is captivating and mysterious, with a different flavor, clearly a jewel.

Product image Kasturi Musk

Kasturi from India, is a rare musk, durable and aggressive.

Product image Mangolian musk

Pure musk from Mongolia, its a rare musk, durable and aggressive.

Musk al Oudh

A magnificent blend between musk and agarwood a spicy-woody-animal combination.

Musk Kastoury

Real deer musk also called Kasturi / Kastoury musk, its fragrance is simply magnificent!

Musk Jamid

A subtle and sumptuous smell of musk emerges from this scent.

Product image Musk Nafa

Nafa a pure musk from India, durable and aggressive. He is strong and establishing an animal spicy and smoky base note, which lasts through a sweet and pleasant smell.

Product image Oudh hindi musk Out
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This scent is amazing. It is mostly used for special occasions.

Product image Musk Yellow

A natural musk, produced using ambrette flower ...

Musc Zedan

Musk Zedan is a sweet and light oud with a sweet touch

Product image Musc Rouge

An authentic and pure red musk that comes from India.

Rooh Al Musk Out
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Rooh Al Musk, is a luxurious scent of black musk.

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Musk Oil

Linger Your Presence With Magical Musk Oils Perfumes:

Musk perfumes provide an exclusive and sensual aroma especially identified for their long-lasting and fresh captivating scent. You can use it to create an alluring atmosphere in your house or mark your presence with its everlasting sweet fragrance. Musk offers a flirtatious impact with a light cozy warmth scent. Make your surroundings energetic and tactile with white musk perfumes sensual and utopian aroma. Or apply on yourself to add a magnetic impact to your personality.

The musk essential oils act as an excellent perfume base due to their evasive aroma.  Musk is a type of mystic aromatic substance utilized to make a perfect scented oil. Choose your favorite Musk Oils Perfumes at our website to get an alluring scent effect for the entire day. Buy your favorite scent oil online now.