Amber, one of the most used and coveted substances among the largest perfumers. Oud & Musk proposes it in different forms (oil, cream, piece, etc). The provenances are diverse, vegetable, animal "amber gray". Let yourself be seduced by our amber and perfume you with the magnificent scents of yesteryear.


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Amber & Musk jamid Out
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Solid musk and amber cube 2 in 1 (musk and amber) which was made from essential oils.

Amber Blend oriental perfume oil

Beautiful oriental perfume oil composed around amber which is soft and warm.

Amber Body Cream -25%

Amber Cream, with oriental scents.

$6 $8
Amber musky -20%

A perfume oil, Warm, woody amber, infused into the Musk.

$7 $9

This Amber is a light oil, earthy and fruity ... His dress is long and refined fragrance is very popular in the East.

Product image Amber Oud Other -20%
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The Amber Oud composition is amazing and unique from lemon and geranium, mixed with pink pepper and incense resin.

$9 $11
Amber Rose -25%

The Roses have been delicately soaked in amber, underlined by a hint of Iranian saffron

$6 $8
Carré d'Ambre Rose

This amber rose solid square diffuses a rich and floral odor. 

Amber touch Other
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This musk "Amber touch" has the power to create in each one what is more hidden, most secret, emotion.

Ambre Gris Royal -30%

This amber gray oil is subtle, naturally wood.Its dress is a very light yellow with a thick texture ... .

$39 $55
Ambery shamama -20%

Ambery Shamama, a beautiful and rich earthy smell of natural and which is prepared by the process of distillation of saffron ...

$9 $12
Ambre blanc Other -20%
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Parfum solide ambre New

For amber lovers, there is no doubt that this cosmetic will appeal to you! The solid amber fragrance is, in fact, a new way of approaching this scent so emblematic of oriental fragrances.

Parfum Solide Ambre Rose New

The solid amber rose perfume is a small scented square with a trail full of charm andtenderness. Both sensual and seductive, it will not leave anyone indifferent.

Premium Amber

An amber of rare quality exclusive to Oud and Musk.

Ambre royal ( qualitée supérieur )

An Amber superior who exudes a resinous smell and rough as amateurs and connoisseurs will appreciate Amber.

Shamamatul amber -25%

The Shamamat Amber Attar is obtained by a method of ancestral distillation.

$10 $13
Shamamatul Amber Gold

This first quality Amber Shamamatul is made using an ancestral distillation method.

Turkish Amber oil -20%

A prestigious amber with a thick texture which will be astonishing by its hold and its depth.

$62 $77
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