Prestige oils 

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Musc Des 1001 Nuit

A family of precious luxury components that pays tribute to the ingredients of character and exception.

12,00 €
Black Opium

Black Opium is a contrasting and mysterious perfume oil.

7,50 €
Interlude - Amouage

Interlude is a woody and spicy fragrance oil.

10,00 €
Opus X - Amouage

Amouage is a luxury brand in the field of perfumery. Amouage perfumes are made in Grasse, France, which is called the perfume capital. 

10,00 €
Ruh khus

Pure Vetiver ruh khus or 1st quality, the fragrance oil is extracted by steam distillation from its roots.

22,00 €
Salma musk

This natural musk is an exotic bouquet, floral and oriental ingedients lush, fruity and sweet ...

7,00 €
Shamama super

Shamama super is prepared by mixing various herbs and essential oils. It has an exotic perfume, it is manufactured by a conventional manufacturing process of distillation / aqueous vapor.

14,00 €
Taifi rose

An oil of high quality 100% natural scent from the valley of Wadi Wejd 'in Saudi Arabia, also very difficult to obtain outside the Kingdom.

20,00 €
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items