Oud oils 

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Product image Khashab Al Oud

It is a classic Arabic perfume oil that combines ancient culture with modern sensibility.

Product image Oud Masjid

A woody, moist fragrance with notes of coffee, caramel and spice.

Oud Salab

Oud oil is a natural design with graceful mixtures of several ingredients turned around agarwood indian ...

Product image Oud Azraq
Oudh oil sarwah

An Oud oil with a natural design with graceful mixtures of several ingredients turned around agarwood indian ...

Oud Woody
Product image Dehn al Wood

A woody and slightly sweet oud oil that lasts on the skin. 

Product image Kuwait Oud

Kuwait Oud is a woody and strong fragrance oil.

Dehn al Oud Assam

A dehn al Oud from India that has woody notes but hides other more subtle chords.

Product image Musk al Oudh

A magnificent blend between musk and agarwood a spicy-woody-animal combination.

Oud al Faris

An oriental scent derived from the agarwood, the aroma is pleasant and long lasting.

Product image Khashaf Oud

A spicy and resinous oud oil that softens over the minutes to become very pleasant.

Product image Oudh hindi musk

This scent is amazing. It is mostly used for special occasions.

Product image Top Oud

A woody and durable oud oil that has a remarkable depth.

Dehn Al Oud Al jazaab

A refined blend of Indian and Cambodian oud, Attar Oud Al Jazaab provides an intense and complex woody fragrance...

Product image Indian Ood Blend

A rich, woody, smoky aroma with a hint of sweetness. Typical fragrance characteristic of Dahnul ood.

Product image Shay Oud

An amazing perfume oil that remains truly unforgettable by its beautiful notes of roses in direct duet with vetiver, accompanied by flowers of jasmine and rare and the precious agarwood ...

Oud Amber Ajmal - Perfume Oil

A perfume oil from the famous brand Ajmal that combines oud and amber.

Product image Oud Ahlain

Oud oil of choice and superior quality wich is long lasting. This oud oil is reminiscent of warmth.

Oud al Ward

A detonating composition based on oud and rose. A real pleasure of the senses.

Pure White Oud

Elegant pure white oud oil from the last pressure of agarwood distillation ...

Oud Muattaq

A composition based on oud that has resinous notes of incense.

Oud Tawaf

A woody and warm oud oil with delicious and exciting notes.

Product image Oud Mubakhar

This guy is a scent of traditional Oriental fragrance oils.

Dehn Al oudh attar

This dehn al oud is the reminiscence of the aroma found in the Indian agarwood oils.

Product image Sandal Oud

Sandal Oud combines two of the most widely used ingredients in the world of perfumery.

Attar Oud Assam

This oil Oud attar from India to a more or less thick robe, distilled from a young wood young Oud.

Product image Oud Khososi - Ajmal

An oud oil with oriental and woody notes that leaves you with good memories

Product image Oud maliki

Words can not describe what this master perfume offers.

Dehn al oudh cambodi

This Dehn al oudh is pure made from Cambodian oud oil.

Showing 1 - 36 of 94 items
Oud oils

Oud oil

We forgive everything with oud oil. This exuberant spawning of the fragrance depicts the blooming and 
drinks from lineage. In a last embrace, completes his ornamental flood and thus inscribes himself 
in the diary of ages.

Discover this essential category of our Oud and Musk store.

Oud oil: the essence of time

The oud holds a special place in the hearts of Gulf Arabs. For reasons linked 
to the originality of its extracts, unmatched by any other oriental fragrance. 

Then, by its link with customs, traditions and cultural heritage. Wood and 
oud oil are present in all circumstances. Perfuming social rituals and 
consequently spreading their caulked scent in the air. 

Since the beginning of its history, it has never ceased to leave traces of its exhalation. As soon as it 
arrived in the Arabian Peninsula, on the convoys of King Kisra Anushirvan, oud oil 
marked the spirits. 

While in East Asia, we imagine the time under which the persistent ramage grows. The 
predominant type is around 20 meters tall. 

After the rains disperse in the thick forests of agarwood, the sweet scent 
fills the air. In short, calambac is this precious material with a distinctive aroma, from 
which oud oil is extracted.

In addition, the odoriferous substance which comes from the interior of the enormous trunks is formed 
by the proliferation of certain parasites. 
This bark has many uses and benefits since the dawn of time. Before the 
paper industry , for example, kings and monks in ancient times used oud shavings in 
their correspondence. 
As for light white wood, it is used in the manufacture of beads, rosaries and many 

How to use oud oil?

A few drops of our sumptuous Attar oud al qurashi nectar will suffice to cover your neck 
with scented pearls. 
Adorn your ears and wrists with a jewel, with our Attar oud cambodi A.


Store in its original packaging, in a dry place. 
Do not swallow this product. 
Finally, if after using perfume you still have traces of oil on your fingers, wash 
your hands with soap.