Oud oils 

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Product image Amber Oud Other
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The Amber Oud composition is amazing and unique from lemon and geranium, mixed with pink pepper and incense resin.

Product image Aoud Forest Other
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A woody and durable oud oil that has earthy and really pleasant notes

Attar Oud Al Qurashi

An attar beautifully rich in oud, it will bring you a warm sensation, woody and sweet ...

Dehn al oud ameeri Out
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A dehn al oud magnificent that brings you a warm, woody and earthy sensation ...

Attar Oud Assam

This oil Oud attar from India to a more or less thick robe, distilled from a young wood young Oud.

Attar Oud Bengal

Cette huile de bois d'agar du Bangladesh est exceptionnellement profonde et riche, pleine de notes boisées douces et de tons terreux.

Oud Oil attar Cambodia Other
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A little "backyard" at first, this opening quickly gives way to soft leather smell and smoke soft agar wood

Dehn Al oudh attar -30%
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This dehn al oud is the reminiscence of the aroma found in the Indian agarwood oils.

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Attar Oud Sheikh Out
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An oud oil sober but of character, warm, woody and voluptuous.

Product image Black oudh

A magnificent oud-based fragrance of Cambodia blended with Indonesian patchouli over a combination of mandarin, musk and rose petals.

Encensoir électrique aladin - divers couleurs Out
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This pure oud oil extracted in the heart of the trunk, dark and resinous, found in the rare agar trees of Burma.

Cambodia Agarwood oil grade A Out
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This Oud Oil from Cambodia forests sublimate you, it has an exceptional smell.

Showing 1 - 12 of 90 items
Oud oils

Oud oil is considered to be the most precious oil in the world, and Oudandmusk is the right place to avail it. This oil is extracted from Agar tree, and it has a fragrant resin, which is known for a number of health benefits. Owing over 500 hectares of this agarwood plantation, Oudandmusk is confident enough to distribute the most premium quality oud oil. It is used in aromatic, cosmetic, incense and medicinal application.

The smell is perception altering, mood changing and evocative. Our oud oil is completely natural and is very difficult to source since it Aquilaria trees are limited in number. Its exotic and complex fragrance is heady and takes you to a completely new world.